Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I believe I can fly - version II

You think he really believes he can fly?


bluewonder said...

ohhhhh... a superstar in the making! Aunty Bluewonder thinks he can really flyyyyy

Hugs... from Umar to Little D

KC said...

err, tu nyanyi ke deklamasi sajak? *LOL*

jooli said...

Made me smile.

Good show, dean.

Count Byron said...

Now I'm sure he can! Yes he can. Without hesitation he can ( though he hesitated a bit :)

Love children when they perform. Their body language tells them all.. polite (shy eyes), confident (body sway and smile), manja ( of course, in the way he pulled his voice .. )

Nice one D
Thanks for sharing

NiaMubs said...

yes do it..sure you can make it. Never give up k..!

rara_avis said...

how adorable!

Ajzie said...

Hihihi... so cuteeeeee

MrsNordin said...

Cute! And I like his accent!

daju said...

Yes he can!!..
That is sooo cute..