Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's eating??

Of sister's health:
First round of chemo was a bit too much for dear sis to handle, but she had braved through it, Alhamdulillah... Her next round is next week and I sure hope that it won't be any worse than the first one, if not better.

I'm trying to remind myself that the main reason I've come home is to be with my sister - and provide her with the support she needs, as well as to help her look after the children. Her children are so used to having their mum man their daily activities that they somehow forget that their mum's current health condition prohibits her from being the same mum she used to be. And that is an area I'm trying to help them with. To be around them when they come back from school, talk to them, check on their school work, check on their daily activities (solah, bath time, tea and dinner), and of course, just diverting them from bugging their mum.
Of children and myself:
Alhamdulillah, we're coping... Things are not always fine and dandy, of course, but things can also be worse. With prayers to the Almighty and the greatest faith in Him, we get by, InsyaAllah. We try to keep our days filled with all sorts of activities and also with the best of company. It's a painful journey, at times, but I remind myself that this is the pattern I'll be going through for the years to come. Not too bad, just a little bit lonely. What keeps us going? The rewards of the hereafter!!
Of a dear friend:
I've only met her once - a couple of weeks ago. Our friendship bloomed from the blogosphere, and we hope to meet each other more in the future.
However, the Almighty's testing her in terms of her faith and health. As a breast cancer survivor, she was just informed that it has spread to her ribs, liver, left collarbone nodes and at the nodes at the right jaw. I got her message right after I got some good news for myself, and I felt humbled that the Almighty plans things out differently. On one part of KL there was I - feeling elated, while on the other side, there she was - feeling the opposite. Subhanallah. I know the words I offered were nothing and meaningless, but a prayer for Allah to give her blessings and the best of everything will mean something.
Please pray for the best for our dear sister, Raden Galoh.

Of technology:
Notebook has officially died on me. Hence, the gloom - no updates. Scouting the shops for a good deal that will match the budget (what budget?).

Enough for now. When all's a bit brighter, perhaps, I'll come back with something worth writing!


anggerik merah said...

Dear D,

Life is full of blessing in many ways...

You mentioned meeting Dr Peah and describing about me...Subhanallah...Tu lah..what a small is hard to describe because I didn't reveal myself in blog world much. I wish to connect with you. Will email you.

U take care!

-akuni- said...

D, dugaan datang dlm pelbagai cara. Semoga kita semua dapat menghadapi nya dgn penuh kesabaran...

anggerik merah said...


I can't get thru yr email. My email is

Hope to get in touch wt you.

MULAN said...

doas to your sis & raden galoh..

bluewonder said...

Abgngah jst came home a few secs ago wth Criteria...hint!hint!

silversarina said...

Akak hanya dapat sertakan doa buat your sister dan raden galoh, semoga kesihatan mereka berdua dapat kembali seperti biasa , sihat dan ceria ,InsyaAllah.

Dad of 4+1 said...

Nice to have chatted with you the other day....Our prayers are with your sister and Raden Galoh..

Take care!

Kak Elle said...

my doas for both your sis and RG semoga mereka tabah menempuh nya.

Ms B said...

d dear,

I have moved. Pls follow my link.

Mocha lover aka **** (since u know my name. *winks*)

Kak Teh said...

D, you have a lot on your plate and you are coping so well, giving, giving and giving. God bless you, my dearest D. Doas for your sis and raden.

Ms B said...

D dear,

Once in a while, it's fun to be a detective, eh? *winks* sorry for not leaving a trail. Was in between packing, updating blog, etc. *LOL*

3 days to go.

fromoutterspace said...
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fromoutterspace said...

i read ur past entry about ur husband,,

my father was diagnose with stomach cancer during ramandhan last year and he passed away on hari raya haji..20/12/07 to be exact


we need to be strong ..

Abahnajwa said...


It's a blessing to have a sister like you.. Be persevere okay..


Anonymous said...


D, i've been one of your silence reader ever since. Alhamdullillah, knowing that you are well and coping..

D, your love with your husband thought me of the ever after love. By reading your notes in blogsphere, it reminds me how lucky i am.. still having my better half.

D, last week, when i saw my other half, im crying inside. I know i didnt love him whole-heartedly. I know i refuse to let him have the unconditional love of mine. Im scare, because i know one moment, he'll be taken away from me, either by ajal or divorce.

D, thanks a lot for your love letters to Mr D and your notes of life. I couldnt stop crying when ever I read your notes. I'll try to love my husband whole-heartedly as you do. Insyallah..

D, hope your sis will be strong. Kirim salam pada dia ok. Thanks a lot for the notes. It benefited others without you knowing it.

Iza-Zulkifli said...

D, I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling for 'redha' and 'taqwa'. I then read your significant entries. Subhanallah...I'm amazed with your strength. I would like very much to know you better. I've lost my Dad about four years ago. Till now, I'm still coping with his demise. I can't seem to find your email add. If you won't mind having another friend, please drop me a line at

Take care my dear.

P/S: I hope you don't mind me linking to your blog. I want to share your story with my friends.