Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life is an Open Secret 2

Sis Zabrina (more affectionately known as Bina to family and close friends) had her second book launch at KL Tower yesterday, 15th July 2008. The title of the book is: Life is an Open Secret – You, Me and We.

Even though my schedule was hectic, I managed to be there on time – I couldn’t break my promise to Bina and I told myself I had to meet her as she couldn’t make it to my place when we had our gathering on the 21st of June.

As expected, Bina was clad in white attire with small red floral embroidery. I was greeted with her signature smile and tight hugs – it was great to be physically in contact with someone who, especially for the past two years, has been your loyal friend at odd hours via technology (chats and sms-es).

According to Bina, 6 months after her first book was released, she was “bombarded” with questions of when her next book release would be. She had no idea herself but she soon got her inspiration from Oprah Winfrey’s words: “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down." Minutes earlier, I had read this while skimming through the Preface of her book. However, the impact only hit me when Bina stood there, behind the rostrum, verbalizing what she had written. I cried. And I couldn’t stop crying. I could relate to those words personally – I have gone through many rounds of hardships (though still nothing compared to millions of others) and I already know friends who will ride the bus with me. Those who would stick to you no matter what – come rain or shine. They lend you a shoulder, an ear, a hand, and even offer you a piece of their hearts when you are tested, and when your feelings and Imaan are low. They are not selective of trivial or petty matters because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

One of the stories Bina related in her opening speech yesterday was about a couple who were visited by three men: Wealth, Success and Love. The ‘trick’ was that they could only choose one of the three to enter and they had to make the best decision. After conferring with one another, the couple finally decided to invite Love in. True enough, they made the right move; Love succeeded everything thus Wealth and Success were able to follow suit. Tears wet my cheeks again. It was something that has been proven true in my life.

Love comes from the heart and is pure and genuine. It can neither be forced, nor can it be bought. Love beckons good-will and generates positivism. It nurtures on simplicity and feelings of contentment. Love feeds a withering soul, a dying individual. It brings a smile and brightens a home. Love is everything.

On the other hand, Wealth and Success are both rezki - the Almighty gives them to whom He blesses. But they are both pleasures of the world: temporary and subjective.

In summary, get your copy of Life is an Open Secret - You, me and we. To those in the UK, you can place your orders here!! :)


Anonymous said...

Salam kak di. Can I place an order for a copy of this book. I'm in liverpool.Tq. Nora7

msmitchie said...

May I? I live in Germany tho. Lemme know if it's possible.

anggerik merah said...

D dear,

thanks for this N3. I was searching for this book last week at b/store.

Wish everything goes well with your sister and family.

ms istanbul said...


From personal experience, with love, success and wealth will follow.

It's not about the place, it's the company that matters. A small house but full of laughter and smiles, a date in your plain jeans sans make up with someone who let's you be yourself. Simplicity with love will always make you content.

ps: simah asked for your mobile the other. Hope she calls you.

-akuni- said...

Thanks for the info, D.

D said...

nora7 and missmitchie, yes, it would be possible, insyaAllah. But it will have to be after I get back there in Sept! Leave me your details via email to me at p2r(at)yahoo(dot)uk(dot)com.

anggerik merah,
hey, i went to peah's place a few days back and told them about u but unfortunately, don't know your full name so we were lost there!! LOL

ms istanbul,
yeah...simah and I spoke on the phone the other day. and the thing was, when she told me she got my number from ****, i said, 'who's that?'. LOL - we've yet to meet and exchange personal details, huh??

once you've read the book, write a review. would be interesting to share!

ms istanbul said...


OMG!! She actually blurted my name out. :P

London is so depressing. Feels like autumn! Grey skies everywhere. Oh, that reminds me of GA series tonight. *winks*

take care luv!

Rd said...

Salam kak D :)

The title is very catchy.
I'll get it InsyaAllah when I got back in KL..

err.. takkan nk order from you pulak kan.. hehe :)

Nadia said...

kak d,

ahhh masa nampak k binanye cover utk buku ni i thought eee cantiknye cover dia!!!...hmm i have to pujuk hubby to buy 11 yr old loves the first book...


JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam ziarah from dublin.. :)

D said...

err... wrong email address put up: p2reflect(at)yahoo(dot)co(uk)

Anonymous said...


How's life. Lama tak dengar khabar.

Tak sangka kak Bina dah jadi penulis seumpamanya. Penulisan ini salah satu wahana untuk berdakwah secara berkesan. Like what you have done ... for your blog.

Ok Kak .. take care.Enjoy your days in Malaysia.


diny said...

salam perkenalan D, I am Diny from Birm, sister of Firdaus who happens to be Khalil's friend. Khalil dropped by my house with yr dad and yr twins on our 2nd day in Briton. Have been reading yr blog since kat Msia lagi. Hoping to meet you in person one day. Come over to my house in Birm 75 Ribblesdale Rd, B30 2YS Stirchley.

Oh ya, nak minta tolong belikan buku Life is an open secret and buku Travelog haji tu boleh tak. Dah lama nak baca buku ni tapi tak sampai2...