Thursday, April 03, 2008


I have been meaning to finish this entry which I started some months ago, so when I read this, I was more than adamant to get this published.

As I have repeatedly mentioned, this blog has developed from one with an average of 30 visits per day to 300 visits per day. From just being D who writes from Coventry, England, to someone who once put her picture (and some people pinched them - hey, its got copyright, you know...) and mobile number up on the blog, and full name known by at least 50% of the bloggers.

Hence, this is what I have come up with (NB - these are based on those who make themselves known to me only, and I guess there are still so many who are silent bloggers):
  1. This blog has reunited me or at least, connected me with approximately 100 people who have known me before but never been in touch with me ranging from 1 year to as long as 20 years ago; at least 10 relatives, approximately 10 acquaintances/friends from the past (Azuradec, Rara, etc.), at least 6 high-school juniors (Raz, AZ, Nadia, Adeeb, Fifah, etc.), 10 high-school seniors (Kak Wardi, Kak Sameena, Kak Annie, etc.), at least 20 of my high-school mates of the same batch (F.Asmak - I don't believe it!, Sham, Nora, Zalie, Ismah, Atie, etc.), friends during uni days (Roti Kacang Merah, etc.), at least 10 of my ex-colleagues (Han, Kak Zuri, Rinn, Razmi, Kak Ainul, etc.), at least 10 of the late Mr D's friends/ex-colleagues (Nain & Zaza, Kak Ni, etc.), and a handful of ex-students (Atiq from Jordan, etc.).
  2. I have made friends with approximately 50 new friends through this blog, of whom I have either met (mamasarah, mynn, Halwafy, ileena, Minci, Hila, Murni, Kak Yati & Abang Hariri), received a phone call (Kak Teh, kd, Anita, Darling, Juwaidah, mki), received a text message (Kak Elle, Mak Lang, Kak Rina, Simah, Syana, Zakiah, Azzah8, Dilla Ncl, Haq Dad of 4+1, Hizwani, Maz from KK, Rozlina from S'pore, Nureen, Hazlina, Suaniza, and numerous others who never really identified themselves so I labelled them Silent Blogger 1 - 6), become friends in Facebook (Ruby, Eddie, Marfin de Rina, Sawiah), received an email (Rd, Delliya, Nurmazilah, myheartbleeds), or received extended wishes/salams from. I now have 33 names of people whom I have known via the blogosphere in my mobile phone.
  3. Another category which is rather difficult to calculate is the wonderful bloggers I have made friends with entirely within the blogosphere, i.e: whom I have not met or received a phone call/text message/email/FB invite. Friendship somehow blossomed through the frequent hopping to and fro blogs, and the comments left after entries. A quick mental calculation would sum up to approximately 30 of them (ahni, ajzie, baiti, umi kalthum, Anggerik Merah, Cik Dinz, Don't be sad, helena, ibu, kak long, lady istanbul, mama beas, May 13, matredo1, merapuman, milah, kc, elara, mummydini, nj, rad, raiedzall, kak lady, uncle lee, mulan, and of course many more).
  4. This is an important category and very personal - those who I've known for more than a decade and NEVER lost touch with me for the past 2 years. Some are active bloggers (BAMZ107, Sis Zabrina, Bluewonder and Aidareza), while most, are silent readers (KaypoKlub girls, of course!). These are special close friends of mine.
  5. Then of course, there are others who don't really fall into any of the above categories but are regulars to my blog - whenever I am in hiatus, they'd text/email/ring me (you know who you are). So thoughtful and caring!! Well, I don't even need to be in hiatus for them to get in touch with me, really...

My horrible Maths has therefore managed to total all that up to: approximately 80 new friends and possibly more than 100 old friends of whom I have managed to gain through this humble blog of mine. Remember, I have only put up those brave souls who have kindly introduced themselves to me. There are others who are still tiptoeing in and out these pages, for fear of being spotted and recognised. HeHe... An entry written in the past on this topic of tip-toeing can be read here.

Thank you all!

Apologies for putting up names in this entry - it's my way of acknowledging you - and most probably leaving out some (this can be intentional too!).


Anonymous said...

Salams Kak D,
I've fall to the 'silent reader' category and visit your blog everyday. Rather than reading the newspaper, I read your inspiring blog the first thing in the morning. It's like a must-have-vitamin to start my day. I have to say, you are my inspiration to pursue the right path and my perception of life totally change 180 degrees because of you. Amazing kan, how your scribbling words could give a tremendous impact on others. But it is true. I appreciate my hubby more and I become a better person each day. At least I try to :) I love your scribbling thoughts coz it is so sincere, honest and comes from your pure heart. It makes me pause to reflect my journey of life. May Allah bless you and your family- Dahlia Desa

Kak Teh said...

D, am off to coventry today. Have lost yr number as I just upgraded my phone. Can you please call me?

rara_avis said...

I for one am happy that you blog and very glad that we're back in touch after all these years.

Umi Kalthum Ngah said...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,

Dearest D,

"A friend in need is a friend indeed!"

Thank you for having me in your list of friends...

May Allah bless you and your children, always....Amin


nurazzah8 said...

Dearest D,
Glad that you keep on blogging since I always peep thru every now and then when I'm not bz..checking if there is a new entry to read...
and I'm glad I'm in the 2nd category even though u spell it as Azzah88 instead of Azzah8, but sedih jugak kan as my name tak appear in the list of your "Blogs Frequented"..;-(
ANyway...May Allah Bless you and your Wonderful Four... Amin...

al-amiNJ said...

Assalaamu'alaikum D.

Entry yang menarik hari ini. Sebenarnya kita saling mengenali, tapi dah lama tak jumpa, kira-kira 23 tahun dahulu di K.T. Sigh!!! lemahnya saya kerana terputus dengan ramai orang.

Walaubagaimanapun saya sungguh minat dengan Blog ini kerana bahasa dan isi yang cantik dan menyentuh kalbu.

D, teruskan memblog.

Darling said...

kak d,

terharu lak bila baca entry ni.. walaupun lately ni darl dah jd 'ala2 silent reader' tp kak d ingat gak kat darl lg ye..

muahs muahs :)

morni said...

I have to pause few times while typing this. Don't know where to start and how to start. I visit ur blog almost everyday. I learn a lot from your experience and pray for you in my heart. I cried in silent during your most difficult time and I feel happy when I see you smile (in ur writing i can see your smile :). I wish you all the best and allow me to visit your blog from time to time.

D said...

Anonymous @ Dahlia Desa,
thank you dear, for having such faith in me (I don't!!). You choose my blog over the newspaper?? Awwwww... you make me blush! Be careful though, sometimes I can write crap! Take care..

Kak Teh,
Instead of editting this entry and upgrading your name from phoned to met, I'm going to write a short entry after this!!! Was good to finally meet you.

yessssssssss... we were great chummies before but each branched out doing our own things. This is the power of technology! Hugs to Bubba D!!

umi kalthum,
Although I've only recently discovered your blog, I am in awe with your talent! Friends, ok?

Kak Azzah8 (sorry, tangan terlebih tekan 8 yesterday!),
Another apology - you are listed in my blogroll. Only thing is, I sometimes change people's names. I know, I know, that's not so nice, eh? So, got you listed under what you like to do. Spotted it? Ampun sekali lagi!

hmmmm... ni dah kena cari magnifying glass nak track down sapa al-aminj!! 23 years ago? WoW! Ok, ok, this time, keep in touch. Tak de clue ke?

eh, mana leh lupa cik darling yang suka shopping kasut nih! HeHe... Kak D pun kekadang singgah tak tinggal komen - biasa la. I don't easily forget people la babe!

it is never my intention to make others cry when I write here. I take that as a compliment from a kind heart. Hey, my doors are all open - you're more than welcome! Just don't be disappointed if it starts to collect dust from time to time!!

simah said...

dear d...
u r one very sweet person... it is not a wonder that u have sooooooooooo many in ur list...

thanks for not putting my name out of ur list!! *wink*..

u take care eh?

U.Lee said...

Hello D, this is what I call a very interesting blog. Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who have tried. For only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched them.
Terima kaseh seribu for touching me.
You stay cool and have a nice weekend, D. Best regards, Lee.

Kak Teh said...

D,i was going to say - where am I now?
Thank you for company, laksa johor, and friendship. Not necessarily in that order. if you must know, my ehem assignemnt finished at midnight, spent a nite in Bicester, took train fr Aylesbury and worked on the train all the way back. Sorry couldnt call or text cos battery kaput!

mad redo1 said...

life is certainly brighter knowing there are people who consider you as a friend... thank you for the honour, D.

Anonymous said...

Kak D@ i--h t-f-l-

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

how's life over there? Harap akak dan anak-anak baik2 saja. Lama betul tak jumpa, since akak pi UK dulu sampai la. Anyway, takziah --- walaupun agak terlambat juga. Mark my words, akak adalah orang terpilih yang diuji dengan mehnah ini kerana kekentalan akidah imaniyyah yang akak ada.

Emm .. kalau tak keberatan, I would like to get kak sham's (sham md din) email. I ve tried to reach her all this while tapi hampa belaka. Kat sekolah dulu mmg kamceng giler dgn dia. (have any idea who am I???)

Ada contact kak ayeen tak?

ok kak, my email add :

Grand mercy ---- 'izzah.

Kak Elle said...

d thank you for being a friend of cyber world..insya'allah we'll meet one day:)

Rozlina from sg is my cousin:)

Nadia said...

kak D,

my friend told me of this entry :P so here I am checking it out. I had shared your blog with some of my friends here and one of them actually checked it out. She loves your writing and your stance on stuff :) alhamdulillah. You know, it's funny, I at first thought you were of an older batch because of the late Mr. D's age and then one of my schoolmate ckp were in the same batch as kak sham, you were in f5 when we were in f1...and I was like patutla muka dia familiar! Your real name is so very familiar too :D funny how I can't remember the names of some of my friends in college but can remember names of friends, senior and junior in high school. Selective memory? hmm I don't know...:P
but i have to agree with my friend, your writing is strong and is a pleasure to read...mashaallah! you are also an inspiration...

i am touched by the acknowledgment btw...:)


maklang said...

terimakaseh..ingat kat maklang kat Kg ni...

Ada jugak kawan nama Kak Annie, dia bekas TKC...tapi mungkun bukan sebab D ni terlalu muda kalau nak satu kolej pun!

silversarina said...


Blogging memang membawa kita mengenali lebih ramai insan yang tak pernah dikenali... glad that you're always surrounded by caring bloggers... InsyaAllah one day we'll meet...until then blogs and smses bring us closer.

ms istanbul said...

D dear,

OMG!!! You just made me feel like a celebrity. *smiles* Thanks for mentioning me. Overwhelmed by emotions! (now did I pass to sound like a Diva?) *winks*

You take care girl! After a spell of some sunshine and warmth, it's going to be freezing tomorrow. hehhehe...

Mama22Beas said...

Yay...myname is there. Frankly D, though I'd known you only thru blogosphere, it feels you're someone that I'd known for a long time. Esp. when you mentioned that we could be neighbours, and later when I read about what you wrote bout ur 'kampung'. Now it is my kids kampung, you know. And if you don't know already, Jaya is closing down and they built a huge digtal mall (that's what they call it) in the Metrojaya. Well, I can go on and on about the rapid changes here.

Anonymous said...


SINCE YOU HAVE NOTICE IT (friend of yours, SMAP-batch 1985; and you're so suprised!), PLEASE CONTACT ME USING THIS E-MAIL LUV & TQ.

A.Z. Haida said...

kak D,

my blog got sudden page loads coming from your blog - so came here to find out what was it that triggered it...
heh - thank you for 'acknowledging' me. it's good to be in touch even just as silent reader...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BAMZ107 said...

Am not in the list.. :(
Tak pe la.. I'm one of the silent reader anyway.. :)

D said...

of course you're on the list!! stay connected.. Thanks dear.

For me, I have to write this entry to acknowledge friends, unlike you - who can marvelously write entries upon entries of flattering stories!!! Thank you U.Lee - maybe some day our paths may cross,who knows eh??

Kak Teh,
no probs... technology still keeps us connected, eh?

you're welcome. enjoy your blog - but always drool over picts & stories of food and MORE food!

anonymous @ ..... izzah,
get back to me through the email i sent, ok?

kak elle,
yesss.. insyaAllah we'll meet one day. Your name is definitely amongst the first on the list (if there's a list that is!!)

Oh dear, no need for praises! You are doing much better than I am - a mom with very strong characteristics: bringing up children in a foreign land and HOME-SCHOOLING them too!!! WoW! You don't know how much you inspire me.. YOUR entries never fail to make me pause and reflect on how I bring up my children and how much I've failed to follow through my plans! Keep it up.
ps: confession time - I hope I have the right face matched to your name though!*grin

mak lang,
eh, mana boleh lupaaaaaaaaaa.... keropok yang mak lang kirim dulu pun D ingat! no - didn't go to TKC, so not the same Annie.

Silversarina / Kak Rina,
InsyaAllah, ada rezeki, kita berjumpa nanti...

ms istanbul,
celebrity? diva? of course, my dear... celebrated here, appreciated by me! meet up one day?

yes, heard about the digital mall but closing Jaya?? Asia Jaya's long gone, now Jaya too? Nothing will be the same again. No, things change in life - unfortunately. u take care now!

anonymous @ old friend,
have sent email - hope to get a reply!

AZ haida,
really?? You had a flood of people coming over? HeHe.. must be our ex-schoolmates then! Stay in touch, even if it's just through the blogosphere.

(comment deleted to protect sender)

hey, you ARE on the list - just not specifically listed down because you fall under a very complicated category! I've been in touch with you (ie: not lost touch)even before you started coming to my blog, hence the blog didn't really patch a friendship which had drifted apart. Betul tak? The same goes for Bina. Sorry babes, if I have offended you. Actually, if you notice, the VERY close ones are not there. Strange, but true...

sYaNa said...

D :o)

thank you for mentioning my nick in your entry. i am honoured :o)

i always look forward to reading your entries :o)

take care, D :o)

elara said...

Thanks for mentioning my nick also. Not very often i get to be mentioned.

rad said...

Salam d,
I'm rad - come under category 3 - guilty as charged for pinching one of ur pix! hehehe...Thx!
Don't u wanna know why?
Coz I consider u&family as my fren already - needed the face reminder mah...would be nice if we meet some days insyaAllah. Tc ya.