Thursday, December 13, 2007

If you are interested...

Time for my reviews of the books I have been presented with. I know, friends are asking already, because I have tempted them so. All the books I have chosen have one thing in common: neither one of them is a novel that you have to follow religiously from the beginning to the end. So, that was what I ended doing; I read all four books simultaneously.

Here goes:
Book 1: Growing Up in Trengganu by Awang Goneng
This book is the epitome of a compilation of picturesque descriptions. The words are clearly conjured, enough to make the reader imagine himself in the scene, so clearly painted. Emotions are evoked, and senses aroused. Food, characters, setting and emotions are all nostalgically captured. If you once drooled over Enid Blyton's cakes and scones, then you will definitely drool over Awang Goneng's beluda in cigarette tins. I don't think I have ever tasted a beluda ever, but now I'm dying to have a bite of Pok Mat's delicacy.

Being initiated by the works of Awang Goneng’s blog, you Bluewonder, but I have already visited his blogsince some time ago), it is not surprising that he often steps back, recalling bits of what he had already written in previous chapters. I am not from Trengganu but I had enough friends from that state who used the Trengganuspeak to clearly hear the words and phrases Awang Goneng uses, such as Doh Nok Wok Guane.

Being a person who was born and bred in the city, it is a wonder how the enticing words of Awang Goneng injects a feeling of balik kampung and familiarity. Nostalgia? How can that be when I was never really there before? That’s the power of Awang Goneng’s words – he transports you to the land of Trengganu through his magical words.

Book 2: Life is An Open Secret – 18 Inspirational Stories from Ordinary Life Experiences, by Zabrina A. Bakar

If you are thinking of looking for a storyteller for a story-time session, then look no further! Sis Zabrina is the person you’re looking for. Her book is a compilation of only 18 + 1 inspirational stories, but the stories are told with great impact. You can clearly imagine her, all flesh and blood, telling the story to you personally. To me, that is what makes the book special; it challenges you to reflect on your character.

The stories are simple, and some vaguely familiar, but the style of the writing beckons you to read on and turn the pages. You’d find yourself smiling at her nonchalant manner and slices of humour. Quotations are not only extracted from the Quran and Hadith, but are also from famous and wise people from all times and cultures. Among my favourite was this, by Charle Schultz:
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
It's already tomorrow in Australia.

Even though I had finished reading this book last week, I found myself rumaging through it again, when the cookie in me was crumbling a few days ago. With Allah's help, somehow, the words certainly helped me reflect on myself and the situation I am in. Well done and thank you, Sis!
For the other two, I shall have to come back some other frosty morning...


sYaNa said...

D :o)

Thank you for the book reviews. I'm tempted to find & buy GuiT tomorrow :o)

I've already bought Life is an Open Secret & in the midst of reading it.

My 'must read books' are piling high ... *sigh* so many books to read, so little time but time I
make to finish reading them :o)

I'm looking forward for the other two books reviews :o) however, i have to brave myself to read TH's book. I usually avoid anything that has to do with supernatural thingys hehehe orang Kelantan panggil ada 'angin tohor' :o)

azuradec said...

i really enjoy reading your writing.

Kaklong Syikin said...


wah..macam nak kena beli dua buku ni :D

sis, baca kisah sis n anak2 dlm entri kedua terkini tu, saya rasa sebak. betapa ibu dan anak saling memerlukan satu sama lain apatah lagi ketiadaan bapa. Moga kasih sayang sis dan anak2 tiada penghujungnya. oh, anak berebut nak tidur ngan emak? mmg itu satu benda wajib heheh

hidayahya said...

Kak D..
I'm gonna miss reading your blog di pagi hari since i'll be start working-berkhidmat pada masyarakat next week [at last!].
Hopefully all the hospital quarters are provided with wireless broadband..otherwise i'll be mati kutu.
DEfinitely awang goneng's masterpiece will be on the top of my-to-buy-list once i get my first cheque [which is 3 mths frm now].yeay!

cikdinz said...

kak D ada bagi summary yg menarik ni. bleh lah saya cari buku-buku ni...

U.Lee said...

Hi D, I must try get hold of GUIT next day I balek kampong as I have always loved Trengganu, Kelantan too.
Nice new blog page you have now.
Nothing like a change, feels good.
You keep well, D. Best regards, UL.

Red Raven said...

think im gonna get me that book by Zabrina. Had enuff of Chicken Soup for the Soul. SOmething local might do some good...ait?

Restless said...

k di,
give up ur day job and do book critic.


(ni tgh jeles tgk org ada masa nak membaca when i don't- green with envy!)

anggerik merah said...

D, thanks for he book review. Definately will grab these books.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello D,

I received my copy of GUIT 2 days ago from THE MAN himself! Yay. It was a surprise as I thought I was only going to see Kak Teh that afternoon as it turned out I walked into a gang of wonderful bloggers. That was really nice lah. I love reading your reviews on the two books. You write so well.

Boy I belum start baca GUIT now after this review of yours I already wanna get Zabrina's Life is an Open Secret. Thanks D for sharing with us here.

elara said...
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elara said...

Well written reviews. Wish that time is on my side to read them.

Red Raven said...

I got my copy of Sis Zabrina's book. Already starting to read it...

ms istanbul said...

Hi D,

You have been tagged. Sorry! :D

ileena said...

salam aunty D,
i've been ur silent reader for quite sometimes alrdy.and seriously saying,i do cherish you;)
about the GuIT book,my daddy is a big fan of the book;).and of course, terengganu is he's loveable kampung.

hugs from russia with love;)