Saturday, December 22, 2007

after a year... eidul adha's knocking on our door

Eidul Adha. Alone, I sat with my eyes closed, imagining that I was among the fortunate pilgrims performing their hajj in the holy land. Images of sheep, goats, cows and camels awaiting to be sacrificed flashed in my mind. All too familiar, yet so vague.

Pre-Eidul Adha, I couldn't help thinking: How do we celebrate Eid this year, without our beloved, in a land far far away? A year ago, we celebrated both Eidul Fitri and Adha very quietly, but happily together. This was what I wrote about Eidul Adha last year.

This year, determined that I am going to try my best to give my children a good celebration, I planned out to cook a feast. A thoughtful friend had asked two days earlier, what our plans were for eid. Plans? What plans? What could I possibly plan? So I then decided to invite some friends over because I know if I didn't, no one would come. Don't ask me why though, because I don't have the answer.

Although the day started dull and unpromising, the meaning of the celebration itself started to carve out on its own. The children down the road came first and with mine, they all howled together and almost brought the house down. Soon after, I had 4 families come to share a little bit of their time with our family. And, I then realised the meaning of sacrifice.

By the end of the day, Little D was already asleep on the sofa, in his new T-shirt he got from one of our dear guests. In no time, even Princess dozed off with her head on my lap. I tidied up the dishes and went to the kitchen smiling... Ah, just when I was beginning to wonder whether it was really eid, everything changed. I was left with only half a bowl of chicken soto. The frankfurter rolls, cheese sausages, mini doughnuts, and trifle were all gone! Alhamdulillah.

There are many things that we have to sacrifice in our lives. Somehow, I feel that iin a way, Mr D had sacrificed himself for us... And I am pausing to reflect...


I am Ann said...

selamat hari raya aidiladha to u and your kids

azuna said...

I am your silent reader. Hope my children not bothering you on Eid. Thanks coz bagi pinjam kereta that morning..hehe. Anyway happy Eid to you n your kids.

ADIEJIN said...

Eh...Selamat Hari Raya ek... Saya dulu kalau raya, saya pergi duduk kat Leceister Square sengsorang ...dengar mamat mamat basking main saxaphone .. sayuuuu... tapi best.Kat Conventry tu tak tau ler pulak ada orang basking tak.. Anyway.... After awak reflect reflect tu, jgn lupa cuci pinggan..TAkkan nak suruh Little D cuci kot.

sYaNa said...

Selamat hari raya aidil adha to you & your family :o)

take care, D.

Restless said...

Guess what?

Like you, this raya wasn't as bad as I imagined - I went out to celebrate it instead of mopping around.

Woke up at 5:30 by the chanting of Raya zikir at the nearby mosque, got ready by 7 a.m. but knew that people will only go around 8. So, lingered. Around 8:30, joined the congregation and then went to the graveyard. Shed a few tears by arwah sister's tomb but moved on.

By 10:30, paid a visit to my aunt and then head to my father's side in Melaka. Stayed till 12ish - had plenty of company.

Went back and slept. Woken up by visits of my cousins - the house was litten up a bit. Served hot tea with freshly-made bahulu (BTW, did I tell you - it's raining cats' and dogs in Msia?).

By isha's, went to my cousin who visit earlier - it was an open hse. Stayed for the company and went back around 10:30.

Simply fantastic!

Amy said...

Selamat Raya Haji D..

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum D,

Selamat aidil adha to you and your kids. Hope the hari raya is the mark of the beginning of your new whole life.
I was surfing the you tube n it has brought me here....

D said...

i am ann,
Eid Mubarak to you too..

La... a neighbour's my silent reader!!

eh, tak de pinggan dalam sink pun la... err, you done your dishes?? HeHe!

thank you. HAppy Eid to you too..

not bad, not bad at all! My, you weren't restless, were you?

how was Eid in Kelana Jaya? that used to be my tempat lepak.. LOL!

yes, thank you for highlighting it. It's the work of a family member.

mommyincirsis said...

makin besar kecintaanNYa pad kita, makin besar pengorbanan yang kita kena lakukan. You are an inspiration to me...somebody that I looked up whenever I feel that I cant go on anymore...May Allahkuatkan semangat akak dan berikan kekuatan untuk akak mnghadapi segala cbaran yang mendatang...hidup ini pengorbanan...sesukar manapun dugaan...perjalanan mesti diteruskan....InsyaAllah doa kami sentiasa untuk akak dan family.....

A.Z. Haida said...

selamat hari raya to you & the kids.

the dear departed ones - they may have moved on to 'another place', but there's also a place in our heart in which they will live on forever...

hugs & kisses from Tokyo

U.Lee said...

Hello D, I really do admire you. You are a very strong woman. Not many I know are or can be like you. They don't recover for years.
Fate sometimes can be so unexpected, but you will know and will always treasure the love you once shared. You now have in HIM, your beautiful children. They are HIM, his love to you, for you.
I feel proud to know someone like you, D.
Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flowers, we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.
You take care, D. My very best regards always, Lee.

idham said...

D....ah, of all the food I got to eat this eid, there was NO SOTO AYAM!!! ermm...teringin la pulak...

Sacrifice.....some do so by choice, many do so not even realizing they are indeed sacrificing....i am in my own reflection.


NJ said...

Salam D,

I viewed the u tube posting on the late Mr D, and I can't help but shed a few drops of tears.

Hope this Eid Adha marks a new beginning for D's Family.

Happy Eid Adha dear!


TillDaLastFlowerDies said...

hai d..salam

salam raya haji to u n kids...teruja ngan how u go on with life now..u r just so do everything by i wish i could be as strong as u if anything happen to me..yeah who knows kan..hiks..

MULAN said...

salam aidil adha to u & the kids..

15 to 23rd dec kononnya nak jelajah north & south vietnam. alhamdulillah terasa nak double check flight ticket, hah memang sah depart time solat raya..!!! managed to change the departure time on 20th tu. kot tidak, kami beraya kat atas pulau je la time tu..

take care..

idham said...

ahh....gerimis juga pakcik idham bila nonton you-tube itu....semoga roh arwah di cucuri Allah....

a nice tribute to your love for each other!!!


Earthmom said...

Glad to know you and your kids had a superb Eid!

Akmal said...

Thanks for the visit to my site earlier, and for the comment.
You are a strong woman indeed.
Well, maybe late, but who cares hahaha.
Happy Eid Adha.

maklang said...

take care D...lama maklang tak masuk sini. ADa sibuk sikit. Nak ucap selamat hari raya aidil adha..dah terlambat kot!

cikdinz said...

hope the kids doing well.
yg penting anak-anak happy...

ruby ahmad said...

Hello D,

You said: 'There are many things that we have to sacrifice in our lives'...exactly, I do agree with that. I find different people go through different paths and routes and we have to sacrifice in different manners..wealth, health, relationship and the list is so long.

The best is when the person knows what exactly is the meaning of SACRIFICE. This I know not really many people understand. It is a long journey for some of us and I think we can make mistakes in our journey for truth, but as long as there is sincerity, God is oft forgiving.

Oh here I go ranting and all I wanted to say to you this morning is to wish you and loved ones:


ileena said...

hello aunty D,
yes, some people they are just weird!
oh yea, i'll be hitting the uk on 16th of jan till 4th of feb!
tak sabarnya.hehe.

ileena said...

oh damn it, i macam tersalah tajuk!haha.tapi nak jugak!;)