Friday, November 16, 2007

I am ONE today

By I, I mean this blog - obviously, it can't be me.

I started this blog with a few aims set:

My intentions are clear and simple: to spend moments to pause and reflect on
life. To spend some time doing things I like.. to reflect on life using a more Islamic perspective...

And today, my blog has changed into something very morbid and sorrowful. I never really planned it to be this way. I never wanted to be ‘known’ publicly. Neither did I want to write personal matters. However, I believe that things happen for a reason and if all these have changed for a good cause, then be it.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share the little experiences I have with those who are willing to spare some time to reflect.
For the past week, since my inlaws went home, I have been spending my time reading and reflecting on my reading. On one end, there are books like The Holy Quran, The Quran Translation and several religious books in Malay. On the other end, there were two of Jodi Picoult's (Perfect Match and The Pact) and two more of Tony Parson's (The Family Way and Stories We Could Tell). Yeah, I know... all the novels evolve around the same theme: love.
Upon reflection, one lesson learnt for the past week is this: believing that Allah loves us to no end will certainly help you live for the day after.


13may said...

jenguk jenguk kak D


ruby ahmad said...

Hi D,

Thank you for your lovely note on my blog this morning. How we could learn so much from one another. Amazing.

These late days I learnt a lot from your wisdom and especially your note today: 'believing that Allah loves us to no end will certainly help you live for the day after' wonder you stood tall even in your moments of challenge. Respect my dear sis.

akutakcerdik said...

My God and my Lord: Eyes are at rest,
the stars are setting,
hushed are the movements of birds in their nests,
of monsters in the deep.
And you are the Just who knows no change,
the Equity that does not swerve,
the Everlasting that never passes away.
The doors of kings are locked and guarded by their henchmen,
but your door is open to those who call upon you.
My Lord, each lover is now alone with his beloved
And I am alone with you.


MAMAMIA said...

Happy 1st Bday!!!

So much I've learnt fr this 1 year old 'kid'. Thank you for sharing.

sYaNa said...

Happy 1st Birthday!

Hopping by, always, although my blog's 'asleep'.

Take care, D.

cikdinz said...

happy 1st besday. hope kak D continue bloging sampai bila-bila.

Allah always with us kan...

kc said...

wah..dah setahun blogging ek? yr last sentence certainly jolt me down...i am so humbled!

keep posted!

rizal_a said...

take ur mttr wat happens, pls knw u hv ppl arnd u who appreciate d things dat flow from ur heart n into the World Wide Web...m nt putting u on a pedestal, bt ur thots r very sincere n starightfwd...sincere condolences always, n god bless...

ADIEJIN said...

Reflecting is best done with an open heart, a heart that felt heavy and dense with sorrows but is blessed with Redha and Light. Only then we could be in sync with Allah's will. Take care sis.

Kaklong Syikin said...

salam sis D,

happy 1st besday gak.

Teruskan dengan apa yg akak sedang baca tu.

kak, kalau gundah gulana tiba2, amalkan selawat tib.InsyaAllah, hati yg resah tu blh hilang, ni amalan selain mmbaca alquran.

maklang said...

D...apakabar D? Harap bersabar selalu...

Allah memang mengasihi semua makhlukNya...

Take care!

simah said...

jodi picoult? yeah..i got a few of her books... shez good... never read tony parson though...

i see a lot of strength in u.. that i cant help but salute u...masyaAllah...

take care, D!

Pinkwatch said...

dear sis,

hugs to you...

anggerik merah said...

Dear D,
happy 1st bday on blogging.

Keep writing..Take care

wkb said...

man and boy by tony parson...have you read it? A good book...

Happy birthday to your blog! Keep on writing those thoughtful entries.


Kak Elle said...

happy 1st b'day to pause and reflect and I amhoping to see your 2nd birthday too and many many more.


~ahni~ said...

Mak saya cakap, minta (sesuatu) pada orang belum tentu akan dapat tapi mintalah dengan Allah... InsyaAllah akan dapat, walaupun dapat bukan yang kita minta tapi percayalah allah akan beri yang terbaik...

~ahni~ said...

d, boleh tak minta email add? mine is

Faruha said...

Salam D,

Happy 1st anniversary to this blog.

Permulaannya..kita merancang, kesudahannya..Dia yg menentukan.

ajzie said...

dear D
same as Faruha...

Kita hanya merancang .. segalanya di tentukan oleh NYA..

Happy 1st anniversary to this blog.
Harap terus menulis..


A.Z. Haida said...

kak d,

happy first anniversary of blogging...
am looking forward to reading more reflections in many years to come...

- with lots of love from tokyo :-)

razmi said...

last nite watched Meet Joe Black reruns. struck me. reminded me of your situation. the 20 minutes ending of the movie personified your journey, D. when Brad Pitt was reluctant to let go Claire Forlani knowing that he couldnt do anything about it, Anthony Hopkins said these few words to him (something like this), "it's hard to let go BUT that's life."

if there are things that make you happy and peace, continue doing it ... at least i know that i do have something better to read on the Net like Pause To Reflect.

D said...

have not been replying to comments for yonks so since I only have 22, thought I'd give it a shot...

terima kasih kerana menjenguk...

i'm only writing those words to remind myself. don't respect me for that.

for someone who's not smart, you certainly got me there!! thanks for sharing...

yup... only a kid!

hop all you want and sleep all you want to. we blog whenever we feel like it, eh?!

sampai bila-bila tu tak tau la pulak, tapi to give up means we're losers, ye tak?

as the name of my blog goes, i try to pause and reflect. This is mainly for me. it's a bonus if I get to share it with someone.

we'll see what happens to this blog in a year's time. Might just be a stale unattractive site, for all you know! thanks for the kind words though...

you're absolutely right..

kak long syikin,
terima kasih.. memang sejak kebelakangan ni,itulah diantara amalan harian.

mak lang,
Alhamdulillah, when we think positive, surely the positive is what we get, kan?

try tony parson and see whether you like his work. think picoult's better though...

hugs back to you from the watchless.

anggerik merah,
yes.. virtual cake only today!

yup, man and boy was the first Parson's book I read. btw, how are you, dear?

kak elle,
insyaAllah kalau panjang umur dan tak kebuntuan idea... *hugs back*

betullah cakap mak ahni tu. It's worth remembering! I dah email you!

well said - semestinya, apa kesudahan blog ni pun kita tak tau!!

guilty jugak sebab lama tak blog-hopping kat teratak orang lain.. thanks!

thanks for the vote of confidence.

It's touching to think that people are thinking of me even when they're watching a movie, eh? thanks...

mynn said...

can't believe it's already been 1 year! time flies