Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anxiously awaiting...

There's nothing much to update but I know that friends are pretty anxious and eager to know what the results are. It is confirmed that Mr D has cancer. What stage and how bad, we've yet to be explained. We have been told that the surgeons are looking into the matter to decide what treatment is best for him.

In my last entry, I mentioned that Mr D has had a procedure for a filter to be put in through his neck. No, it was never done. The procedure, apparently, is quite risky. Therefore, to prevent the blood clot from travelling upwards, they are giving him Heparin via a tube through his arm. This medication has not taken effect, so his left leg is swelling up. Imagine walking with that!

I have seen the pictures of his oesophagus - all swelled up with pus. It's no wonder that he can't get anything down it.

Dear friends have been texting me, asking how I'm holding up. Well, apart from the house being in a mess, things are okay. I may be crying, but it doesn't affect my daily activities - just some housechores not done because I spend less time at home now. Yesterday morning, I had tears in my eyes which couldn't be hidden from my Little D. He looked at me and asked, "Kenapa Mama nangis?"

He waited for an answer but I couldn't find anything to say.

Suddenly, my little boy had grown into a sensible and mature boy. He said, "Sebab Abah sakit ye? Tak pe, kita doalah..."

Come on, Mama... "Tak pe, kita doalah..." And that's what I'm doing.


bluewonder said...

Bersabarlah dan bnyk2 berdoa. You have to be strong for the sake of Mr D and the little ones.

Though we may not be there physically, we are always praying for u and family.

we empathise wth you and pls keep in touch. If you need anything pls dont hesitate to call.

Ms Istanbul said...

Dear D,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there. Be strong for the kids.

Rd said...


My prayers are with you always.. and my heart sank when I read this news.

Take care dear..hugs for you!!

Restless said...

.. (my heart goes to you, Kak D)

I am Ann said...


am touched and sad at the turn of events. be strong and take care. am sure you and your family will get through this.

Kak Elle said...

d I am sad to hear of the latest news but with good medical treatment now insya'allah it can be treated and hopefully its stage 1 too.

If my arms can reach you here's my big hug to you and family.

byk bersabar dan berdoa ye?we won't stop berdoakan yg terbaik buat mr d.

stay strong d.

~ iNa ~ said...

Kak D, I am so sorry to hear this. Be strong. This is a test from ALLAH swt. That shows that ALLAH cares. Pray hard so that he'll recover soon and my prayers will always be with u & ur family.

Suria Kelang said...

Lady D,
Saya kawan baru. Dari shah alam. tabahkan hati. sukar, saya tahu. namun Allah tidak akan menguji mereka yang tidak mampu menghadapinya. redha dan teruskan usaha.

noora said...

Salam D,
a little word of comfort from friends, families n casual acquaintances alike should tell u tht u r not alone in this troubled times. We r all here praying for u, mr D n the kids to b strong n persevere thru the pain, insyaAllah.
tho u r miles away, it feels u r very near even as typing this emotions welled up inside.
InsyaAllah, we'll sit together again enjoying a good meal during the usual kaypo k gettogeder-geder.
stay strong D.
Allah loves ur family.
we love u.

JADE said...

Hi, though we don't know each other, but your story touch me... i will be praying for you, family and Mr D.. be strong

JADE said...

Hi, though we don't know each other, but your story touch me... i will be praying for you, family and Mr D.. be strong

juwaidah said...

Semoga tabah menghadapi dugaan ini.. My doa for you and your family.. Take good care of yourself ok? Salam to Mr. D and all the kids.

blossom said...

Salam D,

I'm truly saddened to hear about the news. Be strong ya D, will pray for Mr D speedy recovery. Wish I could just hug you now....take care dear friend.

maklang said...

Salam D...Take care ye..solat hajat banyak2. Masa Wan was diagnosed with cancer last year, all of us were so sad and worried. I am sure you are facing the same at the moment. Recite Yassin, if possible everyday. That is Wan and Atok is doing now, everyday without fail and pray hard, InsyaAllah, masih awal lagi. Hugs to you and take care. Moga2 dapat menempuh ujian ini dengan mudah, InsyaAllah...

aidareza said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Dij

Feel guilty that it takes news like this to re-connect. Went through all your postings and am happy to see your kids all so grown. I especially like the one of your son who took a nap during prayer...classic!

Your daughther really is a princess. She looks a lot like you.

I am thinking of you and your family. Being a tough cookie that you are am sure you will ride this one through.

Take care. Hugs hugs hugs!


B.A.M.Z.1.0.7. said...

My prayers are with you.. Be a tougher cookie. Hang in there.

kc said...

i am so sorry to hear this. no amount of words can erase the pain that u're going thru.

KC doa semoga D & suami tabah menghadapi dugaan ini. berbanyak2 lah bersabar..i know easier said than done.

Mr D is in good hands. just take good care of yrself. if u need to cry, cry all u want...and be strong after that.

my prayers with you & mr D. keep posted ok?