Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What lies underneath D?

My dear old friend from school days, BAMZ107 , tagged me. I have been reading this tag on others' blog and have prayed VERY hard that I won't ever be tagged on this one. Oh, sigh... world is small and there's no escaping this. I know some people hate tags so much, often refusing to be a sport to it. Well, I don't like not replying to people's requests, though I must say I'm going to do this MY way. Hope you don't mind, BAMZ107!

The Layered me
Layer One: On the Outside
Name: D
Birthdate: 26th April, 1972.
Current status: Married, mom of 4
Eye color: Dark brown but light brown would be great, eh?
Hair Color: Eh, cannot tell mah, aurat!
Righty or Lefty: just a normal Righty

Layer Two: On the Inside

My heritage: The land of Adat Pepatih - both parents from Negeri. Don't ask me anything else because I know I don't look pure Malay.

My fears: being alone without God's protection
My weaknesses:Being impatient, thus a terrible temper!
My perfect pizza: Mr D's ... (sorry, bias!) - tell me, how can my choice of perfect pizza be a part of my inner self? Shouldn't this be under My Picks?

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My thoughts first thing when I wake up: What day is it today?
My bedtime: around midnight
My most missed memory: of late Mom and Bro because without stimulation, they can fade away...

Layer Four: My picks
Pepsi or Coke: don't care
McDonald's or Burger King: also don't care, can do without any
Single or Group Dates: Dates?? With whom?? HaHaHa!
Adidas or Nike: Nike, of course - Just Do It!
Tea or Nestea: Tea (strawberry tea, peppermint tea, ice lemon tea, and Earl Grey)

Chocolate or Vanilla: We talking about ice-cream right? Then vanilla pleaaaaseee

Cappucino or Coffee: If you're offering, I'd have Cappucino because I don't have that in my larder. HeHe..

Layer Five:

Do I Smoke: Never ever! Made sure whoever was wooing me in those days didn't smoke! LOL.
Curse: At times .. through gritted teeth

Take a shower: Who doesn't?
Have a crush: Everyone was young once - so, obviously...
Think I've Been In love: Still am and staying here for good, InsyaAllah
Go to school: Still am. Well, never really left it - either to study or teach.
Want to get married: Who's insane enough not to want to get married? AM married now, so obviously!
Believe in myself: I have doubts at times.
Think I'm a health freak: Kononnya but naaaah, just had some cookies! Ooops....

Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol: Never even in the last life!
Gone to the mall: Hai, sapa la yang design questions nih - of course la !!
Been on stage: Do concert recitals count? Ahaks....
Eaten Sushi: yup
Dyed your hair: Only with henna

Layer Seven:

Have I ever played a stripping game: Shhhh... only with Mr D!
Changed who I am to fit in: When I was younger maybe..

Layer Eight:

Age I hoped to be married: upon graduation - and I did it, aged 24, Alhamdulillah...

Layer Nine:
What was I doing1 min ago: Editing this piece

1 hour ago: Blogging
4.5 hours ago: Online chatting with old pal who wasn't asleep yet in Malaysia
1 month ago: How would I remember?? The same stuff I'm doing now, I suppose.
1 year ago: Managing kids back in Malaysia without Mr D

Layer Ten: Finish The Sentence

I love: all those who love me
I hate: being lonely...

I hide: under the duvet when I want some peace from the children

I need: the strength from Allah

Layer Eleven: Tag 5 people (this is definitely poorly designed, as this can't be a layer of me!!). Thus, I'm NOT tagging anyone because I don't see much point in this tag. Still, anyone can write a similar entry in their blogs.

Any point of pausing to reflect here?


Kaklong said...


d drp suku mana? saya suku tiga nenek. biasalah suku ni anak2 ikut belah mak kan..arwah ayah, suku mana tak ingat pulak..ke semelenggang? alamak, lupalah..

13may said...

oh! patut la....hahha...

no komen:)

B.A.M.Z.1.0.7. said...

Tq, hahahaha I just go with the flow.It's fun when you have spare time. I have another tag which i've yet to finish. Should I tag you again..? ;)

loveujordan said...

oohhh orang NS macam kaklong and my hubby jugak, ish ish ramai jugak bloggers dari NS .

Tapi soalan pertama dan paling utama you tak jawablah....

Who's D ???
Diana, Datin, Dahlia, Dafi .. hehehe.


Masih berpusing lagik tag lapis nih!!
*kalau makan kek lapis lagik sedap*

rad said...

I thot you dah kena this one - otherwise I could have tagged you earlier heheheheh.
Oh, orang Nogori too. Rembau ke Mambau ke Rantau ke Chengkau ke Bahau ke (I heard on radio at least ada 13 plc ending with -AU in N9)?

Er, I'm from Germany, N9. Figure that out, wil you? Jgn tak tau, Peranchis pun ada di N9.

Suku apa? Both parents still in N9 or moved out already?

bluewonder said...

after reading ur entry, baru teringat u org nogori!

the henna part..zmn2 kat basement dulu ke? I vaguely rmber doing somethin similar

D said...

aisey.. saya tiga suku kot! LOL. Dulu ada lah pernah tanya tapi tak pernah ingat. Haha.. Kan dah cakap jangan tanya lebih-lebih.

you got me there... patut apa nih? ada ke yang obvious?

Thanks but... no thanks. LOL.

tu la everytime I see someone write an entry of this tag I hope I won't be next. D is for Diva, as once quoted in Minci's blog. HeHe... Boleh, kan?

yes.. nothing much to reveal underneath the layers, though.

well, let's see.. On mom's side - Sg Ujong (seremban je), while dad -Rembau. They both settled down in the Klang Valley to work, after my dad managed to have my mom's hand in marriage. I go back only to meet relatives but must confess that I don't know them all (*sigh*).

Suku apa? Think during school days when we learnt about history and adat pepatih (and roots and all), I did ask but can't recall what the answer was. Boleh ke kalau I don't belong to any suku?

did we venture into such experiments down in the basement yonks ago?? you have a memory of an elephant. Nah.. those days the hair didn't really need any colouring but now...go figure! LOL

D said...

I forgot to add... Could Germany be Gemenchih? What could Perancis possibly be?

maklang said...

ha..ha...maklang punya abah is from suku semelonggang jugak. Mak suku tiga batu! Ado kono mengono dongan kak long lah D...Tapi tiga suku tu, maklang tak kot!

rad said...

Hahaha...suku2 tu taklah pentingpun tp tkt mngekalkan warisan tradisi klu boleh.
You are so clever one - re: my plc of birth!
When I was a kid, ppl around me mentioned going to this Peranchis for this & that - and I had this old buku peta dunia so I knw that Peranchis is very far away but these ppl could come & go within hours!! Surprised?
Heheheh...rupa2nya Ladang Peranchis je....LOL (in Bahau i think)

And I think now (thx to AZ)I knw your full name wahai akak yg kononnya garang!

Talking abt SMAP, my dad really wanted me to be part of it. Alas, after attending the written interview & a visit to the school, I was accepted into another boarding school. Klu tak, imagine you as my senior -ahaks!

Mama Sarah said...

i think the creator of this tag is a schoolgirl. cepat siapa nak buat investigation?

soalan --> gone to the mall? <--- alahaiii memang tak larat betul

Mama Sarah said...

psst: daun kesum... yummmmmmmm minta sikit nanti bila i nak buat laksa johor? can?

Azwan said...

kampung buah hati di pilah :) .. your name, .. the 2nd one, what does it mean?

D said...

nampaknya maklang lebih arif dari saya yang jahil ni...

kita ni celup-celup je NS, though won't say I'm totally detached. Oiittt... ni memang ngumpat dengan AZ nih. She now knows who I am, eh? Memang ni kakak garang ooo - semua juniors gigil-gigil jumpa I. HaHaHa.

no prob.. call je, nanti sampaila delivery boys!

I only have one name, not two...LOL

Kaklong said...


oh..terkejut saya Rad asal gemencheh, sebb kampung parent saya pun di gemencheh gak :D, hatta kubur arwah ayah di Gemencheh dan sedara mara mmg ramai kat sana

Dad of Four said...

Hi...am back bloghopping..Have to lie low for a bit!

idham said...

:) hehehehe....i baca dari mula sampai habis....serious!! tapi cuma satu point jer ingat...hehehe

which point?
tu ...yang ada sebut...hanya dengan Mr D ...hehehehehe