Friday, May 25, 2007

Meme:10 bad and annoying habits that we think our spouse detests

With a good sense of sport, I accept this tag passed on by Mama22beas.

Alright, this is tough for several reasons. Firstly, there are 10 things to think of. Not 6, not 5 but all the fingers on your hands!!! Secondly, I am annoying but my darling is so nice that I think he tolerates me to no end. Ergo, when I asked him to list down the annoying me, he said (most adoringly), "you have none, honey.." Awwwww... you know he's a big liar here, hence I'm struggling with this piece on my own.

10 bad and annoying habits that we think our spouse detests:

  1. Being messy - I sometimes leave my telekung unfolded on the praying mat. Well, perhaps a little more than sometimes.

  2. Being disorganised - everything is everywhere while Mr D keeps documents in the exact files.

  3. Keeping EVERYTHING in the handbag - rubbish, books, keys, rubbish, pens, erasers, notebooks, tissue papers, rubbish, Gameboy, paracetamol, haircomb, hairbrush, you name it, I (almost) have it.
  4. Leaving the TV on while walking in and out the room - hey, we're multi-tasking, aren't we? I'm coming back, dear...

  5. Being clumsy - I can't help it: born butter-fingers! HeHe...

  6. Procrastinating - oops... this entry is a little late, isn't it? For me, it's NOW or later. So, when things are left to the last minute, who else has to deal with the panic and more panic?

  7. Abandoning projects. That's why I have him by my side to make sure I go on and complete the tasks I set out to do, ye tak yang?

  8. The very short massage sessions I give (because my hands aren't strong enough!!), when he can go on and on massaging me until I ask him to stop.
  9. Nodding off in the car during long journeys, instead of keeping the tired Mr D behind the wheel company!

  10. Not being able to read road signs and maps accurately.
Okay, Mr D helped me with this (finally) as I just couldn't reach 10. He says it's not fair because he thinks the good things should be highlighted as well (told you he's such a nice guy!).


Mama Sarah said...

Mr D is soooooo kind at 'taking your heart'! (direct translation: pandai ambil hati you)

i like the last illustration. so FUNNYYYYYYYY... hey, you ni tau aje nak cari gambar yang bersesuaian! top marks!

halwafy said... and Mr D are very similar to me and Mr S...he would agree to almost all if it comes to me!!

rad said...

I luv that handbag! With the compartments that slide open - imagine how much more organized is that gonna be?
(since I couldn't say mcuh on the spouses thing heheheh)

Idham said...

:) messy -me too.
:) disorganized - me too.
:) everything in handbag - mine is everything in my pocket!
:) me dont wach TV....hehehe...
:) clumsy - me not really, but me always forgetfull.....leaving things everywhere.
:) tangguh2...hehehe...sama ler tu.
:) massage lama2...that is what i give LiL and massge kejap2 that is what LiL gives me...ahaks sama jek eh

so so u still wantme to write an entry ka? hehehe



the part about handbag....yup, count me in hehehe

halwafy said...

D! My housemate serigala-london tu punya wife kata she knows you!! (she's an architect working in Dorset at the moment, has one daughter...)

go to this website for some of their pics:

what a small world..:)

Idham said...

D...done the tag...check me out !


halwafy said...

D, her name is as you wrote and she's at my house right now - their family is on their way to Machester...:)

D said...

you know my Mr D. He holds the pump to my heart. HeHe..

sama tapi tak serupa??!! Semua ada "Made In Malaysia" printed on the bum kot... (oops, censored!). thanks for linking me to F****z. Just wondering though - how come you were talking about me?? *scratch, scratch..

aikk.. single-mingle pun nak banyak compartment ek? So, it must be a ladies' thing. Tunggulah kalau dah double triple, you'll need a suitcase then!

sporting pun Bro Idham ni... really like your entry - very insightful. thanks.

that's who we are... Prada or Gucci (or fake ones!) - the bigger the worst it is!

MerapuMan said...

ha..ha..ha anyway, 5 of these mathces my wife :)

Zakiah said...

agak agak beso maner la handbag u ek. Kasik gambar satu. Kikikik. Anwyay yang gambar handbag tu menarik lar. Siap ader laci lagik.

halwafy said...

She was just telling me about her uni days and suddenly I sort of remembered fr reading your blog somewhere that you used to study In Edinburgh..and then I just asked her...:)

She identified you when I said you had twins!

No gossips, promise!

Ajzie said...

Handbag ala2 doremon bag kot..semua ada..hihihihi

ruby ahmad said...

Hi D,

Even, with these 10 bad and annoying habits you mentioned and yet your hubby still loves you...he he! Nothing beats a good heart!

13may said...

hehhe...part handbag tuh...
apsal semua pompuan camtu hah???

tak berat ker???


bluewonder said...

I've only one thing to ask. That massage pic is u giving Mr D or vice versa?

KC said...

ooooh...yr husband is so darling towards u lah. very gentleman indeed.

i have one question. why is it the handbag becomes bigger and bulkier once you become a mother?

Mama22Beas said...

You DID it, yea!!!! I thought I'd wait for months. Thanks...and you asked Mr D to help u out with this? I didn't dare, or it would be a lot more than 10..anyway, I chuck everything in my handbag too but that does not really pisses hubby off, he calls it Doreamon pouch;).

D said...

all ladies quite the same, eh???
but not stereotypical tau.

tu bukan i punya. HeHeHe... Kalau jumpa kat kedai, I give details. HaHa..

LOL! Guess the world is such a small place, eh??

beg doraemon ek? Beg Tinky Winky dalam Teletubbies?? Inilah jadik mak kan?

you're right... accepting the other no matter what!

yelah, beg tu simpan rokok boyfren jugak kan?? HeHe!

nope.. pict nipped from yahoo image search. Wont put up so intimate picts up for sure!!! (by the way, with my twins snapping the photos, they'd surely be taking the wrong angles! LOL!)

I actually avoid buying big handbags nowadays and take the small petite ones instead. Still, I can somehow find room to squeeze things in them... Uwwwaaaaaaa!

yeah... if i wait longer, I'd forget it altogether. Got another tag to write up. Tunggu ye k.d...