Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Editing service

A dear old friend back in Malaysia is finishing up her DBA and I offered to edit her work (HaHa!). She asked how much I was charging, so this was the quotation I gave her.

Dear Sister Z,
Enclosed is the quotation for the service you have enquired.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should there be any pressing issues.
I look forward to hearing from you and serving you.



Editor for thesis,
University of PhDs.

Quotation for thesis editing

Name of Client: Sister Z
Email address:

Please indicate the service required and the Grand Total for the job description will be sent to you in due course.

*Although this goes without saying, we expect the editor’s name to be included in the Acknowledgement page.

Description of task
1)Editing for language (grammar, sentence structure, spelling, lexis)
Expected cost
Some cursing, confusion, profuse flipping over references(dictionaries, thesaurus, internet), cups of coffee & light refreshments, and plenty of prayers.
Expected payment
A lifetime supply of trust and friendship

Description of task
2)General content idea
Expected cost
A new brain and all of the above
Expected payment
Some amount of du’a for
the editor’s well-being (including editor’s family)

Description of task
3)Editing for organisation
Expected cost
A new pair of spectacles and all or some of the above
Expected payment
Free supply of advice and opinion when the time arises

Description of task
4)Any such task within the same field
Expected cost
Some migraine pills and all or some of the above
Expected payment
A box of keropok ikan or ikan kering


Our motto: We serve to make you smile and pass with flying rainbows!
I couldn't put up the above in it's original format as it got all distorted, so this is the best I could conjure!
I think this is the effect of reading too much of Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole and perhaps recent readings of Sophie Kinsella's.


Restless said...

Heheh! Funny one there...

In the end, it's all about doing it as a favour or treating it like a real business. If it's the latter, camni la ... semua kena pikirkan.


Kak Lady said...

hehehe....nice entry...senyum2 kak lady baca

Mama Sarah said...

why so berlapik one? come, let me reply the email for you ;)

errr for my service, do I charge you or your friend??

k.d said...


Nice one there. The best payment I think is the keropok.

Occupational hazard---> needing glasses after the task!

13may said...


kalau saya, expected payment: rokok sekotak:D

Intan said...

it feels good not to do things for money. it'd feel even better if we hope God will pay us instead of a human!

cikdinz said... komen.

MULAN said...

semoga bertambah lah berkatnya...
ikan kering??? boleh masuk kaa??

D said...

that's a problem I have which my husband sometimes can't understand - too generous when it comes to profession. How to be professional?

kak lady,
senyum tak pe!

tak berlapik, that's what you get if you ask!

Yup, doc, you're right - occupational hazard indeed!

rokok? lagi la pengsan...

yes, that's how the whole thing should actually be. Nowadays, everything is weighed using Ringgit, or whatever currency it is. can't be blinded with them.

hmmm.. macam politician je?!

itulah benda yang sentiasa dalam wishlist hubby.

yus said...

bagus betul ada kawan yg boleh tolong edit ni. Expected payment yg last tu buat saya tersenyum ajer..hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi D

Can't wait to send my project paper to you. Jangan mare


D said...

saja suka-suka je..

Bole, no problem... for a fren what??!!!

Anonymous said...

Wah, macam tau2 je I'm goin to need editing service in the near future. Bahasa or English? Bole booking dah?
If you help me, i'll help you lor..heheheh -quid pro quo.
BTW, tq for ur kind words. Kita serupa ghopenya..previously I tot u'r stay-at-home mom -sorry ah? rad

D said...

HaHa! Obviously, I am perhaps more of a stay-at-home mom!! so, serupa tu can be kind of an understatement... My BM is atrocious (ish, I don't sound like Sharifah Amani, do I?) and how excellent can my English be when we're non-natives? Tapi kalau nak, apa salahnya...

Ibu said...

dear D,

Mode of payment? Credit term?
Hmmm... maybe I could after all sign up for that Executive MBA & Fast Track PhD ... heheheh