Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tag that Tag

RULES: People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Six weird things about me:
1) I enjoy a drop of blood in my food

2) I can't sleep with anything on (even my underwear!)

3) I have been craving for roasted porcupine but my husband prohibits it
4) I love the smell of fart 5) I put a container out everytime it rains6) I keep cut fingernails to feed the ants

How wonderful it would be if I could list down those things as what's weird about me. Well, sorry to disappoint you, folks! I'm not THAT weird. Here are the REAL 6 weird things about me:

1. I'm a morning person. I don't like waking up late and doing things later. I prefer starting my day in the morning - setting a right step ahead, you would say. The more important things will be attended to in the morning - laundry, studying, errands, etc. This is not weird. HOWEVER, if I get up on the wrong side of the bed, or at the wrong tick of the clock, I don't do it at all... No laundry, no studying, no errands. A bad start means tomorrow (manyana..). I'm not really into better late than never. It's "if I'm late, forget it!". Carpe diem or carpe manyana?

2. If you think you know me, then think again. Have you seen me burst into hysterical laughter? If you haven't, then you haven't seen the weird D yet. I may appear as a level-headed person but if the wrong button is pushed (not physically, you weirdo!), then I will break into this crazy laughter, voiceless and with tears in my eyes. My fellow friends during university days have seen me in this state. Some ex-colleagues were lucky enough (or should I say, unlucky?). And, how they stared in disbelief, looking at me laugh my head off!!! If someone somehow missed the joke, I'd be trying to explain in between laughs yet no one will understand a word I say.

3. Being a mother to four kids is rather exhausting. There are moments when I'd want to have my own time. Time alone shopping, time alone reading, time alone watching TV. HOWEVER, every time my husband and I have some time out on our own, I'd be thinking of the kids and wanting to rush home to check on them. Are they OK, have they eaten, are they up to no good??? So much for time alone... The thing is, they're always fine. I guess nothing will make me happier than being together with my loved ones. Then why bother leaving them??

4. You might have noticed the last word I used to describe myself on my blog: emotional. Let me tell you how bad I am. When I watch the television, regardless of what programme (reality shows, drama, movies, etc), an emotional moment can be defined as either a sad or happy ending. My main weakness is seeing someone succeed. This is not very weird but the catch is, regardless of how long (or short) I've had the TV on, or how often I've seen it, if it is a tear-jerking scene, then I'll need the tissue.

I remember switching on the TV on a Sunday afternoon in Malaysia and there was a replay of Cabaran Nescafe, or the likes. I have NEVER watched any of its shows and on that day, I caught the last 5 minutes. I didn't know who the guy was, what he had done, how he fared, but I witnessed him being told that he made it through for the next round. The bloke was jumping and shouting, and I was wiping my tears with the corner of my sleeves. Embarrassing!

5. I'm crazy over being economical. In what sense, you may ask. Well, instead of taking 3 trips to the kitchen to bring the things on the dining table, I'd try to stack them up and save a trip. Problem with this? Errr.. the stack falls and I've got ketchup on the carpet!! So much for being economical!

6. I can't stay awake long in a vehicle - regardless of whether it's moving or not. If I don't engange in a conversation, then I'll be nodding away. I may be quiet for only a minute, but that's enough to send me to lala land! Just imagine me behind the wheel and there's no one to talk to....

I'm tagging: kakungku, zakiah, mulan, ajzie, ibu, rad.


Ungku Nor said...

I'm tagged???

ruby ahmad said...

hi d,

Thanks for linking me. I've linked you too.

Ha ha ha! Idham tagged you! The first 6 are so out-of-this-world weird. Gory too! As I read I knew none were you..ha ha.

Second 6..ahh..more acceptable down to earth weird. No 5 is so funny. No 6 is dangerous. Have some healthy nibbles if you were drive alone.

Idham said...

hehehe D...
i was reading the first six...and i was saying to myself WOW wow WOW like 6000 times ! hahaha you got me there....

Not a "better late than never" sounds like a good weird thing to that, i will end up noy doing anything - bcoz i am always late with everything.
I am a late person, and definitely not a morning one. Even if I am in the office by 9am evryday - is tart waking up around 11am hehehe.

ayoyoyoyo...sama eh kita - a real emotional one!

Thanks for being a sport!


Kak Lady said...

d...kak lady pun tertipu dengan the first 6...hehehe...baca 2-3 kali jugak...hahaha....

Nak gelak weird yang ke 5 tu...nak economical kan...hahahah...

13may said...

hahha....ingatkan betul yg 1st six tuh...hehhe:D

D said...

kak ungku,
YES, you're tagged! mana entry nya??? Tak cukup 6 atau terlebih??

the first six were too unbelievable to you,eh? well, it fooled some!

it wasn't so easy to think of interesting weird things, you know. I cracked my head thinking of them, and then the idea struck me - to write the really ridiculous ones. Alhamdulillah, none of them are habits of mine but some actually belong to real people (like, a few people do no.6).

kak lady,

gotcha too!!! ni kira early april fool la...

ajzie said...

Ahha sama ingat yg 1st six tuh....pelik sungguh dan mula membayangakan seisi keluarga rumah bersiong..kihkihkih..

D said...

nanti kalau datang sini, i masakkan sup siong spesel, ok??!!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people that still do no.6 til now. Keep the nail cuttings for proper burial later since sapa ntah ckp masa kecik2 dulu - nanti kat akhirat dia datang tanya. LOL.
The smell of fart tu - ada kurang lebih sikit la..Hardehahahah...
asalkan jgn org lain punya!
BTW, have you watch the latest petronas ads for CNY? About old people staying alone? Emo time.rad-

loveujordan said...


The 'real' weird no 1 tu macam sama je dengan akak....

That porcupine pernah jiran(backhome ) pergi berburu dan bagi kat akak yang dah siap dimasak tapi..akak tak makan pun...eeeiiii rasa nak terloya ingatkan 'jarum-jarum' yang ada kat badan dia....itu betul-betul punya weird !!!

Ajzie said...

Saya dah ke UK last Dec masa X'mas hihihi.. Tak tahu nak kesana lagi atau idak...

D saya sudah menyahut cabaran dari D..hihhi..

Kaklong said...


hehe..mula2 baca yg enam tu, saya fikir betul2 d ni seorang yg pelik..bila turun baca ke bawah, opss..tipah tertipu hihi.

oh, saya pun mudah keluarkan air mata, tak kira moment gembira or sedih...saya fikir saya sorang aje.

saya pun, kalau p jenjalan sensorang tu, fikir anak2 kat rmhlah, fikir cik abelah..kiranya p mana pun, hati n perasaan tu takleh tinggalkan famili.

D said...

keep nails for proper burials takpe, but hope not to feed ants or rats!

great minds think and do alike!! well, if i have a roasted porcupine laid infront of me, might take a bite... hehehe

thanks for being a sport!

kak long,
ooooooh, tipah tertipu!!!

Ibu said...

D !!! Alamak D... ayoyo kadavalei... how la? err... got time limit ker when to do this? hmm.. rasanya macam banyak sgt weird things about me, cukup ke 6? hahaha...

MerapuMan said...

i was tag too by ruby, tapi tak sempat buat lagi. done b4 tapi since she tag me, kena buat jugak la.

'I love the smell of fart' ... ha..ha.. tapi not you kan. if it's you, then i love to fart. :)

D said...

don't take too long udahleee...

get away from me. that's definitely NOT me... *phew... what's this stink??*

Minci said...

Kak D,
HA HA HA.. you really got me there with your intro of 6 weird things using only a line to describe it. enough to make me 'euwwwwwww' when you said you like a drop of blood in your food. Haha.. nasib ler tipu.

I can imagine how that ' crazy laughter, voiceless and with tears in my eyes' looks like.. kinda hysterical come to think of it.or should I say theatrical..hehe

and about weird fact no.6... I think you should be fine as long as you talk to yourself.. :P

D said...

so you came to check how weird this D is, eh? amacam? who's the weirdo here??!!