Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A superb sushi dinner!

Our ping-pong visits have not ended. Last night was our turn to visit mamasarah & family for dinner. The masterchef was preparing sushi. Sooooooo nice! Mamasarah was so stressed out - which plate to use, which bowl should I put this in, etc...etc... I really felt that the dinner was too much for her. She went through the trouble thinking (oh, this is undoubtedly very stressful, you know?) of what Japanese desert to serve us.

I am not going to attempt to name the things we were served. For a layman like me, it was this:

along with some satay-like yummies, tempura fried king prawns and veges (sorry no picts), and some fried rice.

Desert was this:

(hey, this picture was taken before the strawberry sauce was poured!)

and this:
and also some banana delicious cake little sarah baked!

Please forgive me for not capturing them on camera but I was more engrossed in talking and eating that the camera was neglected. Never mind, for better pictures, please go here.

Now, the interesting thing that happened last night was how my little boy bluntly asked the hosts for some tea! He must still remember the wonderful teh tarik served for him the other day. While I was still gobbling the delights, he patiently waited and watched mamasarah fix his tea! He had 3 cups last night!!!

Already, we're making plans to bake together... but I don't want to put more stress on mamasarah. We'll see how things work out, or not work!


rad said...

Salam. Kunjungan balas ni-hehehe. I've been meaning to apply idea from your previous entry on 'Writing Away' but one thing for sure, thesis-writing is NEVER quick and NOT free. Not that I'm actually 'writing' at the moment.
Even blog takes some time..
BTW, I do enjoy reading your previous entries.

Mama Sarah said...


that is so typical of me, if you must know.

and your little boy. It was a PLEASURE! Cannot resist his look - teringat cerita Oliver Twist.

cuma anak you lagi comel!

Zakiah said...

so lepas ni u dengan mama sarah takyahler masak hari hari. Gilir gilir. Today rumah u...esok rumah mama sarah. heheheh. best ada jiran Mesia. saya jugak terperuk kat rumah. Pandang depan batu, pandang kiri batu...pandang kanan pun batu!!!

Restless said...

Kak D, I remember visiting my cousin in Glasgow whose previous neighbours or more like apartment neighbours, were students. They were living a residential hostel for postgrad. As such, each time cooking takes place and the fire alarm buzzes off, an angry Indian man would come knocking at the door as a show of subtle reminder. There was a point, the fire brigade come to silence off the alarm.

P/S - Ex-collegue dearie, I remember putting in a comment in the previous entry which is now missing. Opps, must have terlepas sebut your name. Sorry!

D said...

welcome, welcome... ditto

jom baking today?!

aisey, my family's so big - we can't be ferrying to and fro mamasarah's place, putting on so much stress on her. tapi sekali-skala boleh la!!! LOL. eh, batu kasi pecah je, kot bole tembus ke sini..

yup, can relate to residential living - back in the old days, we too had to evacuate the building in our PJs and selipar jepun (luckily it wasn't due to Malaysian food!)

ajzie said...

Sama mcm Zakiah..tak de jiran Msia... Semua rambut lain2 kaler disini..

Nmpk sedap cikong@cikang tuh..

idham said...


wah...best sungguh baca kesah u dgn MS bergilir2 ziarah menziarahi nie...like u said...ping-pong!!

i wish ...one of the blogger frens live in jeddah too hehehee..

i read ur previous entry....the idea of writing draft, writing away..and speed writing.

i guess i am a speed writing type la..

so pls excuse la kalau byk spelling mistakes.

enjoy ur company!