Friday, February 02, 2007

something's wrong here...

Is there an earthquake somewhere? Was there a tsunami wave last night? Did it snow while I was asleep? Did I only dream i wrote an entry on Art last night? I know I wrote something and hit the PUBLISH button once I had finished. And I remember seeing the screen displaying something about my entry being published.....

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Never mind, let bygones be bygones. Ha! Ha! Ha! This reminds me of a story someone related to me FIRST hand. It's about the saying LET BYGONES BE BYGONES. Let me try to relate to you what it was(names are changed to protect the identity of the idividuals).

Setting: a lazy afternoon in the office. Siti was reading an English novel.

Siti: Eh, Lan, "let bygones be bygones" tu amende yek?
Lan: Oooooh, tu! Alah, bygone! Spray nyamuk tu... Ha, spray bygone tu guna kasi hilang semua la.. kasi mati semua
Siti: Oh, ye ke? Ler..

Did the blind lead the blind? I must however say that in context, the explanation was not too misleading. It had a hint of things vanishing or going away. Perhaps, Siti should have just went on reading without seeking advice from the blind!

Another scenario with so-called language experts.
Setting: In the car, on the motorway to London. A sign says: Cat's eyes ahead.

Che Mi: Cat's eye tu apa, ya?
Mat Terer: Oh, tu ada kucing kat depan. Nanti boleh nampak mata kucing je bila lalu kat sana.
Che Mi: Ye ke? (surprised) Macamana boleh ada kucing kat kawasan ni?
Mat Terer: Sini memang kawasan banyak kucing la. Itu sebab dia letak warning kat situ. Takut kita langgar kucing tu.

What the ......????

My conclusion for the day is, if you don't know, never be shy to admit it. Just say, "I'm sorry, I have no idea. Perhaps it means ......". Then, even if it were wrong, it won't be too bad. You were brave enough to admit that you didn't know what it means. Hey, even the other person didn't know!!! On the other hand, if your guess is correct or close to the correct answer, you've proven that you are quite a wise chap after all.

Which also reminds me of a story forwaded in one of my mailboxes some time ago regarding the issue of farting in different societies.

The British say "Pardon Me".
The Americans say "Excuse Me".
The Malay say "Not me, not me".

True? Pause and reflect. There has been a few incidents among close ones proving the truth of the story.


k.d said...

Aiya D. I was bored stiff in the office..and then I read this. Thanks..

idham's directory said...


i was feeling sick today...but reading this entry ...made me smile....tired, but smile nevertheless!


"not me ..."


Anonymous said...


this entry make me smile & laugh! You take care.

Anggerik M

Idham said...

hehehe ...let by gone be bygone....teringatlah mlm tadi...
i bukak tingkap bedroom sbb nak tenguk bulan mengambang dgn LiL...byk nye nyamuk masuk i tye la dia..."ada ka let bygone be bygone?"
hehe dia gelak...
ahirnya kami terpaksa bertepuk bertampar halau nyamuk.