Tuesday, February 27, 2007

moonwalking or sleepwalking?

This is a tale of my second twin son. For now, I can't seem to think of a story more interesting than this tale of his. Here goes.

Some time last week, MrD and I were watching the TV. The kids had all gone to bed much earlier so the house was quiet. From the living room, we heard a faint sound of someone coughing and footsteps through the board floors. I asked MrD to check on the kids.

A few minutes later, MrD came running down the stairs, beckoning me to go upstairs. Why? What happened? He was leaping 3 steps at a time. "Hurry!"

My heart was racing by then. Was one of them sick? Did one of them vomit all over the bed? Was one of them bleeding? All the possibly bad things that could logically happen came to mind.

As I reached their room, Twin H was in his kopiah, performing his solah. The praying mat was correctly placed, heading the qiblah. I looked at MrD. "What is he doing?". MrD had a camera in his hand. Apparently, Twin H had gone to the loo to get his ablution done, adjusting the water taps : ensuring that the water flowing out of the mixture was not too hot and not too cold. When MrD asked what solah he was about to perform, he said "solat sunat". Oh, OK.

We waited for him to finish and also have his dua done. I asked, "H, H solat apa?" I sensed he wasn't really in a conscious state. He paused and replied, saying that it was his solat Isya'. "You didn't solat before going to bed?". He shook his head. I kissed him and tucked him back under his warm duvet. I reminded him to read his duas.

We left the room and burst into laughter downstairs! This wasn't the first time Twin H had done such thing. We've had him checking the window, sitting up straight, smiling, and of course, all the talking and shouting. But this was the ultimate! He had his face washed (don't forget the trouble adjusting the temperature of the water) and performed his prayers right up to the end.

The next morning, we asked Twin H whether he recalled what had happened. Obviously, he was sleepwalking and didn't remember a single thing. He thought we were pulling his leg, so MrD showed him the photo. He let out a chuckle. A nervous chuckle, I sensed. I told him that it was probably the malaikat who woke him up because he had forgotten to perform his Isya' prayers. He became frightened. The idea of being waken up by non-human was out of the world! It was too much for him to handle.

Still, it was a good experience because now Twin H hardly forgets his responsibility. Nope, he's never too sleepy for it now.Usually, Twin Z (Abang) is the more responsible and obedient one. And, he'd be the one nagging Twin H to hurry. Perhaps now he can relax.

pause to reflect: Do you sleepwalk?


ruby ahmad said...

Awwww...isnt that so sweet and funny too. D, I have twin boys too. They are big boys now. I married and have kids still at Uni. I had great fun raising them, double of everthing!! Fun, trouble, laughter, and expense too..he he.

Kaklong said...


ya ALlah, sejuk hati saya baca dia tunaikan solat dlm tidur berjalan tu!!!

cuma risau dia keluar rumah aje malam2 buta tu.

syukur saya tka berjalan dlm tidur.

berapa tahun umur kembar ni ?

cikdinz said...

so sweeetttt...

13may said...


Mama22Beas said...

Hi D, first time here. Been wondering if I know you, but nope, I don't know anyone with a pair of twin. My second daughter once showed a sign of sleepwalking, but that was all.

Ungku Nor said...

hehe, my two elders once keep calling each other while sleeping.
While one was calling, the other one would replied. And it goes for quite some times, I laughed until I couldnt hear my own voice!

My one n only girl pulak. Everytime we made a journey back home at night, she'll be sleeping all the way.
Once I woke he up, she opened her eyes normally and starts looking for her slippers. Now the thing is, the 'slipper' that she was trying to put on was not her slipper, it was a canned drink instead.
And she would keep on trying to fit her feet into the unopened can!

Another one, after she got out of the car, instead of heading to the front door, she would walk around the car for a few times until I asked her,
"ni nak cukupkan tawaf sampai 7 kali ke?"
then only she stopped 'tawafing' and went straight into her room.
Hehehe, memacam perangai kan D?

yus said...

salam kenal d,

sweetnya...performed solat dalam tidur. Saya belum pernah jumpa ahli keluarga yg tidur berjalan mcm ni.

Mama Sarah said...

Too cute!

rad said...

So long as not jaywalking udah ler.
Does twin-genes (not two engine ok) run in your side of family? Or hubby?
I've lotsa friends who would love to have twins & willing to do crazy things like eat pisang kembar or anything yg twins.
BTW, sejuk perut ibu yg mengandung..MasyaAllah!

Zakiah said...

bagusnya anak u....

tapi part sleep walking tu mmg lawak antarabangsa betul. Siap adjust air lagik.

loveujordan said...

bagusnya twin H tu ... sejuk hati ibubapa....kecik dah tau tanggungjawab.

Dulu my eldest son selalu jugak sleepwalking masa dia kecik tapi dah besar tak dah.

D said...

yup.. must always think too: double rahmah!!

diorang tahun ni 10. kunci pintu simpan tinggi-tinggi! hehehe

sweet and scary! hahaha!

13 may,
nasib baik tak dua-dua sleepwalk and sleeptalk!

welcome! get that chain ready, in case she starts..

kak ungku,
tawaf 7 kali? bagus jugak, ek??

maybe it runs in the family. dulu anak buah saya lebih kurang 9 tahun jugak. tidur waktu siang. terjaga, terus bangun, bentang sejadah and solat. tak de lah pulak ambik wudhu'. hehehe..

tunggula sarah and amar besar, kotla ada cerita cam ni gak!

pasal twin genes ni, i rasa everyone has the chance because we never knew we had any twin genes on either side. bila dah pregnant, semua kaitkan dengan nenek punya cousin la, atok punya cousin la.. in the end, tak taupun whether betul in our line of family (entah-entah sedara kita kawin dengan orang ada twin genes). so, at the end of the day, semua keturunan nabi adam ada can la...betol tak??

yelah, kan kita pun 'international' gitu??

Alhamdulillah, sekarang Twin H rajin solat sunat. yelah, mula-mula solat tahajjud, lepas tu solat hajat, etc..