Friday, January 26, 2007

Some Sunday shopping

Last weekend, we made a trip to Derby - about 1.5 hours away from our place. It was a trip Mr.D had planned all week. There, a factory outlet for Denby pottery was situated. Mr.D and I are crazy with Denby products. It's not one of those posh wear like Royal Doulton or Royal Alberts. It's smart and solid pottery. When we were in our undergraduate years, little did we know that both of us really loved the brandname so much. I did my own collection of Denby products up north, and he did his down south. Back home in Malaysia, he had his big breakfast cup of teh tarik daily.

Here, he missed his cup too much. We searched high and low for nice big cups or mugs but nothing caught the eye. Outlets selling Denby products flashed outrageous price tags, even during the sales. So, the trip to a factory outlet was something that was long overdue!

Still, we didn't 'just' go there to buy pottery!(a note of denial here...) If ever in Derby, one has to go to their very famous carboot sale! We arrived a little late (planned to leave the house at 8.30am, but only left at 9.20am). Things were aplenty and cheap. The best bargain was a set of 3 cups and saucers - you named it: Denby!!! The man first said, a pound each, 2 pounds for the 3! I looked at him and did my usual stunt of bargaining (I'm WELL known at this!!), "3 for 1.50??". And, of course, Mr.D was very pleased indeed!!

At the pottery factory, we definitely got more than that big breakfast cup!


Mama Sarah said...

D, when are we going for a ladies day out ah? I never knew the existence of Denby in Derby. The prices in Debenhams are just outrageous.

p/s: is the place easy to find?

D said...

mama sarah,
almost any time is my free time! Denby is Derby is very easy with big signposts everywhere..

Mama Sarah said...

yippee yeay, just received the 2nd parcel. are you fasting on monday? can the children and I come? (muka tak malu ni)

kaklong said...

salam kenal D,

saya blog hop drp blog MamaSarah :D.

LI said...

Hi D,
Bestnye pegi denby. I remembered when i was there we made frequent trips the pottery shops to get some wedgewood. But sampai Malaysia, its just kept as our own display items....hehe sayang nak pakai. Love to all

LI ( like your new makeover of the house..)

D said...

Li, hehehe, denby is for use (most definitely!!). That's why we like them, it's not too fancy or even too classy. Just simply casual (bt expensive though). Do you have a blog to share with us?

kaklong said...


geram2nya ngan pottery tu..mesti cantikkan..tak de gambar satu persatu ke D?

saya ni suka melancong, tapi lum ada rezeki nak jalan2 serata dunia.

err..boleh tak nak minta resepi triffle yg mama sarah ceritakan sedap tu? nak belajarlah. tq. tp kalau resepinya rahsia, tak mengapalah :D

Anonymous said...

Dear D,
No I don't have a blog as yet. Still new in this area. O I remembered the place we used to go it's stoke on trent...penn off now