Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Are you a natural smiler? Do you wonder why some people find it so difficult to smile, while others' never leave their faces? I think a smile can never be forced and it comes from a happy heart. I'm sure you have been caught (at least once, undoubtedly more) by another, smiling like a crazy fool to no one but yourself. It's usually a case of flashback; of one's words, actions or momentos.

Smiling is so much taken for granted that we don't think much of it. Yet, try to imagine entering a room full of people you know but with not a smile on anyone's face. You'd surely feel there's something amiss.

There may not be an actual price for a smile (hmmm, a ringgit per minute or hour?), or even a pahala per second of smile (kids are fond of asking the value of each good deed). Still, it is interesting to note that smiling is the easiest way of sadaqah, as it doesn't cost anything and you are never a smile less!

An old friend often ends his messages to me with a note to keep smiling. I wonder whether it means I have a nice smile that should be maintained, or that I don't smile enough? HaHaHa. Pause to reflect pleaseeeeee....


k.d said...

Smiling is infectious. You smile to someone, without knowing it might lift up someone's mood.

And face without a smile..not pretty at all..look for yourself..

Mama Sarah said...

hey, is the 1st pic meant to be another hint for me?

helloooooo neighbour!

*big grin*

D said...

kd: i'll post another picture of the opposite to a smiling face. tunggu ya!

mama sarah: well, u can say so but the setting to that photo was in malaysia. still in the dark? rather bright outside today, though very strong winds, right?