Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the wonders of winter

it's winter - so bleak, boring and berefting. The days are so short. Sunrise at 8.11am, sunset 3.53pm. Never mind the short days, but the cold! BRRrRRRRrrrR. I think I've gained weight. The weather is just halting my steps. If you recall, I used to run in the morning. No more now. For one, the kids are always late in the morning that they pester me to take the car. Secondly, it's too cold.

I confess. Nothing can get by pure laziness. All the lame excuses. Hence, the extra kgs. With me, I know that the more I am on my toes, the more I burn. Forget eating or not eating. It all boils down to how much you move your big fat ****. Plans are now made so that the least movement should be made. Take everything with you wherever you go. All activities take place in my living room. With me would be: handphone, books (mind you, the whole box + bag), drink, bowl of fruits, praying mat + telekung. Within reach would be my dictionary, pencil case(s), box of tissues, journal, A4 writing pad, the lot. Trips to the toilet are also planned. Taking ablution is made much easier during winter. They're mostly 2-in-1. Try to imagine refraining from going to the loo to pee before it's time to perform the second prayers!

When I started today's entry, I had planned to comment on how wonderful it is to fast for only 7 1/2 hours. Because we have our dinner (or high-tea) at 6pm, it would be outrageous if I feasted on rice at 3.53pm, and again later. To break my fast today, I had some clementines and tortila chips with chive dipping. Then, had a BIG mug of coffee. Blisss... Not an ideal way of breaking fast,but the simplest. I know I have 2 boxes of Iranian dates in the fridge but the bum weighs too much to be lifted.

Another day tomorrow. My resolution: a healthier diet for my fast tomorrow (intend to finish off my debts before the new year).

pause to reflect:
does shorter days mean shorter prayer times?


Ayaq masak said...

Where part of the world are you exactly in now? Weyh kenapa rasanya ayat itu tunggang-langgang.

Clementine tu buah rupa camno? Rupa pisang kaki ka? Sedap ka. Heheheh.

D said...

welcome, ayaq masak, jemputlah minum air suam sikit... merantau kat negri orang, the not-so-great Britain.
Clementines = buah oren yang kecik-kecik, manis;
tortilla chips = corn chips bentuk tiga segi
chive dip = white sauce base dengan ala daun bawang, buat cecah;
Kalau tunggang-langgang, tonggeng sikit, baru betul... ;)

MerapuMan said...

i was here when u left the comment at my blog, what a coincidence.

never been to UK b4, sister studied there. the whole family went to her graduation except me.

D said...

hahahaha.. am still here!

Idham said...

hai D :)

D = as an exams result is not something one shout about.
D = kalau lesen memandu is for kereta.
D = is registeration for vehicles purchased in Kelantan
D = as measurement of br***ts size is a WOW mewah nya!

But D as ur name can only be a wonderful person!

Thanks for ur visit to my blogland and for the url link. Much apreciated.
I will add ur link to my directory at http://urdirectory.blogspot.com

Salam, and hopefully we remains in touch.


D said...

idham, welcome to my blog and thank you for your insight to my name n adding me on. very diplomatic, eh? thanks...