Wednesday, December 27, 2006

boxing day sales...

Am back from the crazy sales. We left the house at 9.30 am with a list of places to go to by a certain time. Too many places to check out, too little time. We came back for zohr prayers before 2 pm, and then continued some more shopping at some shops nearby. I'm dead tired now - after the exhausting day.

We spent about 300 pounds today!!! You see, we're moving to a new place - it's bigger but needs a little bit more than some TLC. The sofas and curtains are not only old-fashioned, but their colours are also slightly off-putting. Hence, our long shopping list. Here were the things we got:
* 3 throws (for the sofa)
* 2 pairs of curtains (for the living and dining rooms)
* cushions
* some fleece blankets for kids
* duvet and curtain set for princess
* house slippers for kids
* carpets for 3 rooms
* microwave (YAHOOOooooo!!!)
* free-view decoder (kira cam astro decoder la...)
* pyrex serving dishes (having a welcoming party later)
* pair of boots for princess
* some materials for DIY

We sent the goodies to the new house and laid some carpets down. Mr.D fixed the toilet (it was in a horrifying state earlier!!).

Will download picts tomorrow. We'll be moving into the new place next week, during Aidil Adha, Saturday. Probably throwing a party on new year's. Do come over!


k.d said...

Selamat Aidil Adha and selamat pindah rumah baru

BionicBuddha said...

I don't enjoy the mass consumerism that boxing day sales illicit...but it is hard to remain isolated.

D said...

salam aidil adha to your family and guests too...

you're right but when there's a list of things to get and the timing is great, what the heck??!!