Thursday, May 21, 2015


"If you count Allah's blessings, you can never encompass them all. 
Indeed, the human being is transgressing, unappreciative."
(Surah Ibrahim: 34)

I recently celebrated another birthday, Alhamdulillah; and I am still wondering whether I am any wiser than the year before.  

Like every year, I sincerely do not expect parties or presents, but dear family members and friends have gone through the trouble of making sure that I know there are people who would go a special mile for me.  And yes, it does fill up that sometimes hollow feeling one occasionally gets.

Nothing but my duaas for them; friends and relatives for the amazing wishes and duaas, Mak Morni for the fresh roses, Twin H & Little D for the M&S toiletries, Twin Z for the movie treat, Kak Long for the family dinner, MM for the shawl and perfume, my academic team for the material from Jakel, and mostly, Princess for the juzuks of hafazan and the best of all, the twins (collectively) for the regular and prompt jemaah prayers at the mosque - priceless!  Blessed to bits!

Today is my Princess' birthday and I pray for a million blessings and rezq of all forms for this diamond of mine.  Spent the morning with her arranging for her passport, which is of course just an excuse to spend some time with her on her birthday.

If granted another year of life, how else would you spend it, other than the best you could with your loved ones?

NB: In four more days, it would have been my late brother's 48th birthday.  May Allah grant Him mercy and place Him in jannah...


Unknown said...

happy belated birthday D and to your princess too..

Fadhil said...

I remember your stories about the twins. How they rode bicycles to school in the cold winter. So how are they doing nowadays?

NURAZZAH8 said...

Happy Belated Birthday D..sorry akak tak baca blog ni for a few days... tak perasan your birthday dah lepas...and not fogetting your Princess Birthday too ...
Dah besar dah semuanya ..

Alhamdulillah ..

D said...

Pak Pin,
Thank you.

The twins are leaving the nest soon! huhu...

Kak Azzah,
Thank you kak. Anak-anak dah besar, maknya pun semakin tua lah! ;)

Lee said...

Hello D, how you doin'? Hope this finds you well.
Best regards,

aarongrey112 said...

Hi, can I contact you through your email? I've something to share that might interest you.


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