Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm back!

We'd have to give Ms B a pat on her back for being successful in getting me to write a new post. She tagged me by giving me an award - the Beautiful Blogger Award!

Here are the rules that come with the award:
1. Accept the award and put it on your sidebar.
2. Describe 7 things people do not know about you.
3. Award 7 other beautiful bloggers and describe why they deserve the award.

Let me therefore start with No. 2 here.
Seven things people do not know about you. I'm wondering why it's necessary for me to reveal them though... Ah well, here goes:

i) Ms B, I have NEVER considered myself beautiful because I know what beautiful looks like. My late husband used to stare at me and whisper that I was beautiful and I'd say that he was the only crazy person alive to be saying that. Now I miss him saying that. How ironic!

ii) I love looking at beautiful girls and women - it's no wonder men love doing the same!

iii) Having said the above, I am not impressed with bimbos.

iv) As long as an item appears good enough to me, I'd buy it - I'm not attracted to branded items.

v) I'm obsessed with beautiful phrases, quotes and sayings.

vi) I value friendship very much but am extremely cautious about getting too close with an individual.

vii) I have now put on weight and am trying very very hard to lose them. HELP!

Now comes the tricky bit: tagging others.  For what it's worth, here goes:

1) Bluewonder - a person with beautiful values, personality and of course, face! (my ex-roommate for 5 whole years!)

2) NI (her blog's gone private though) - obviously, a personality (celebrity) who's beautiful both in the inside and outside. Although I have not met her since I left school (she was my junior), she always looks good in pictures!

3) Aida - a beauty who will have the time to write this meme. :)

4) Raden Galoh - even with one breast bouncing, she's still so beautiful!

5) Kak Elle - beautiful woman who doesn't look her age and blessed with beautiful people around!

6) Nana - a young and beautiful doctor-to-be in Russia.

7) Bina - who's got a beautiful, beautiful heart!

Don't forget to enjoy this favourite piece, once dedicated to me by my late hubs.


"MULAN" said...

happy mother's day to all beautiful bloggers @ pause to reflect, to u & your frens... stay sweet, take care..

aNIe said...


You are indeed beautiful in your own way...and you deserve the award.

Sedih akak baca bila D bercerita bagaimana arwah suami D menyatakan ttg kecantikan D...

AlFatihah buat allahyarham suami D

Ms B said...


Thanks for being such a good sport! :) Dont worry about the extra weight. Summer is arriving and you'll probably lose them in no time, as long as you do outdoor activities. Camping? *grins*

ileena said...

aunty D....done with the tagging:)
thank you for the award!!muahxx!

aida warwick said...

So glad you are back.. did you get the two emails? Sorrylah I know my middle name is always trouble kan...

..nadyne.. said...

Auntie Dij, welcome back!
Bila nak add blog nadyne dlm blog pause to reflect nie??

Helena said...

I hope its not too late to wish you Happy Mothers Day. You are one of the many strong mommies I've come across. Keep it up dear!

n.i. said...

Kak D,
awwwww!!! thanx sooooooo much!!! ok I'll do this... but it may take a while though hehehe... thanx again! *hugs*

Raden Galoh said...


an award for me? thank you...thank you... now you make me think about the 7 things people don't know about me... hahahahahha

KC said...

awesome post D! couldnt have come at a better time. Happy Mothers and also Teachers Day!! :)

ibunoor said...

Salam ziarah...salam kenal dari Malaysia...keep on writing!

Do visit my blog...