Thursday, March 04, 2010

The move

Being the youngest in my family, I was fortunate enough to never need to move houses - ever! Yet, I remember resenting this as I envied friends who were lucky enough to experience making new friends and venturing new places.

Today, I find that life is more vulnerable. We have just moved to our fourth house while being in the UK. It's the second move I've made without my man. Extremely exhausting. Very nerve wrecking. Terribly overwhelming.
The tears that have dropped, the muscles that have ached and the nerves that have gone unsettled - they are all undescribable.

I extend my utmost gratitudes to friends who have made my transfer much easier, Alhamdulillah. To those who helped me pack, lift, transport, unpack, arrange and clean up, you are all precious gems! Isn't this prove that my prayers are answered?
"O my Lord! let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honor, and likewise my
exit by the Gate of Truth and Honor; and grant me from Thy Presence an
authority to aid (me)."
Surah Isra (17) verse 80.
This move was not planned. It came like a zap of lightning; an offer that could never be turned down. Not only do I get an accommodation extremely close to the university and children's schools, but it is also hundred quids cheaper than what I paid previously. The house may be a tad smaller than the other houses we've lived in but it has a gorgeous garden at the back: suitable for garden parties! It's His rahmah. It's rezq.
Of course, the children initially protested against the move and I understood their feelings. Still, I try to make the children understand how important the move means to me. Hopefully, this Hijrah will bring us barakah and ease our journey through life...
Oh, and my twin boys managed to complete their memorisation of the Yaasin just before the move - Alhamdulillah!!


Mawar_Mohamad said...

i think moving to a new home will always somehow turn out to be an exciting thing to do.come a new chapter of life experiencing different environment and atmosphere.insyaAllah rasanye kak D's kids will learn to adapt cepat,whatsmore rezeki dr Allah beruntung kak D and family pindah kn since it helps to be closer to where u work,reduced rent rate and the kids are closer to school.May Allah SWT continue to bless you.Amazed to know the twins can hafal Yaasin at such young age.Malu je for me,already in my twenties but yet to hafal Yaasin..

melatie said...

Salam D

I enjoy being your silent reader. But your entry today make me want to say something. I understand how your situation as well as yr feeling. I have moved to 7 different houses eversince I got married 18 years ago.

Enjoy and explore your new house. With your twin who can memorised Surah Yassin. Congratulation. Sejuk perut ibu yang mengandungkan mereka

Saidatul Azian

Oldstock said...

Salam D,

I seem to recall that your last move was not too long ago. But since you say that you're getting a better deal for this new place, then it was a good decision. Takpe la... penat dan trauma buat sehari dua je.

Don't know if this is a coincidence, but actually I've moved too, but have not posted about it yet.

mama23beas said...

If you call this rezq, definitely it's for the better. I hope you and the children settle down quickly.
Love to hear that it means closer to the univ and the kids school. We made the same move also due to the same reasons, but being in apartment we don't have space for garden parties. Your kids are lucky. Anyway, still life's a lot better over here.

aidareza said...

Didn't realize this is your fourth move. Wow! That is a lot of houses. You must be expert in packing and unpacking now.

jooli said...

Sounds like a potentially fun place. The children will soon get used to it, I'm sure.