Tuesday, December 01, 2009

On a cold and frosty morning

Freezing freezing cold! The weather forecast had warned us that temperatures would plunge to as low as -5C last night and that we'd wake up to a layer of frost. So that was what we got: a blanket of frost on the cars, rooftops and ground.

It was too cold to let the twins cycle to school. The weight of their bags and warm clothes worried me a little, so I drove them to school instead. That was the deal we cracked since the beginning.

The thermometer indicated zero degrees celcius. I had let the engine run for a good 5 minutes or so, while spraying the de-icer on the screens and turning on the heater. Even on our way back from sending the older two, it was still zero degrees. Yeah, you'd love to think the thermometer was fooling you, wouldn't you?
I walked the younger two to school, all wrapped up like big bundles of snowmen. The summer was such a wonderfully warm one that we had almost forgotten how bitingly cold winter could be. Winter coats, gloves, hats and scarves are essentials a mother's got to make sure their children have before leaving the house. Ironically, the more they put on, the more I worry because the likelihood of losing one of the clothing items is terribly high! And imagine the rummage we have to go through, looking for let's say, one glove?
Driving off to university, I glanced at the thermometer again. 2 degrees celcius. Looks like I'd better get used to it. So as usual, I tune in to Hearts radio station, and get transported to the past with Time Tunnel, where they play songs of yesteryears and ask you to name the year of the song and what you were doing at that time. What else could you do on a frosty morning, eh?


Kak Elle said...

D I would love to be there nowwwwwwww.....

silversarina said...

Akak pun sama macam kak elle.... rindunya nak sejukkk dan lagu lama tu ... penuh kenangan lah buat akak yang dah berumur ni :)

ileena said...

aunty d, try eating McD's Mcflurry ice cream in the cold! sedap dia lain macam! hahahahaha.

the colder the better.