Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quiz time

The children love quiz time as they like getting their general knowledge tested and competing to be the first to squeal an answer. Last night, after our tarawih, Abang Z cried for a quiz session. And so I chose 'the capital cities'.

I started with an easy one,


'Kuala Lumpur!!' All four chorused.


'Jakarta!' The older boys argued each was faster than the other.


'Tokyo!!' Abang Z pounced with his answer.


'Paris' Little Princess beamed in victory.


'Yes-way!' exclaimed the twins in syncrony.

Sorry, Naz... looks like we've got to have more geography lessons and keep the quizzes coming, eh?


Umi Kalthum Ngah said...

Dearest D,

So cute!

The things children say...


Oldstock said...

Hahaha... good one!

Now if somebody call tell me how to pronounce the capital of Iceland.

D said...

Umi Kalthum, older boys are just so cheeky and comical! One also responded 'Old Zealand' to New Zealand. *sigh*

You mean Reykjavik, sir? Isn't 'j' often a 'y' sound? Ah.. this I'm sure the kids don't know yet!

Kak Teh said...

that is so funny! My 5 year old niece, Yaya said something out of the blue that had us all in stitches. She heard her aunt call he uncle "Yang" so she said, apa pasal panggil dia "young", dia dah tua, panggillah dia "old".

Naz said...

Haha! Soooo cute! Lovely kids...

'about time to take them to Yesway soon and meet the aunty that likes to say *Yes*! :D

n.i. said...

awww... cute!!!

Ms B said...

*LOL* how did i miss this entry??

D said...

Kak Teh,
LOL!! 'Old'?? alahai, janganlah...

yes, Aunty Yes from Yesway, InsyaAllah.

my boys are real loyar buruks sometimes!

Ms B,
you didn't miss it!

MULAN said...

he he.. so cute..

Ajzie said...

hahhaha kelakar la..n cute ajeeeee

Anonymous said...

salam kak D,
saya antara pembaca blog kak D yang setia ingin bertanya..

di mana kak D belajar tips2 utk mendidik anak? saya suka dgn cara kak D didik anak-anak kak D.

saya baru mendirikan rumahtangga dan berminat untuk mendalami ilmu-ilmu rumahtangga esp tarbiyatul awlad (pendidikan anak-anak)..

jika sudi berkongsi..

tq :)