Thursday, July 02, 2009

The heat

It's a really hot summer in the UK this year with temperatures soaring up to 30C and beyond. Come to think of it, we had an extremely cold winter hence it's only fair to get a summer that lives up to its name. In the mornings, it tickles me to discover that the children are sprawled apart from each other, often shirtless. Windows open and fans whirling, it seems just almost like back home.

The heat has probably dried up all my blogging desires - ergo the long silence. The twins went for their school trip to Marseille and had returned really tanned! While they were having fun, Little D was down with some sinusitis that caused him to have high fever for a few days. At the same time, Princess was feeling a tinge of jealousy over her brothers' trip, thus demanded a little bit of attention and fun. So when Little D was a little better, we spent some quality time together - indoors and outdoors; resulting in me getting my dose of the pollen attack.

All back on track now.

How time really flies.


Oldstock said...


Tough luck about your sensitivity to pollen but I really loved the summer outdoors in UK. I remember a time a friend and I went cycling around the Welsh countryside. It was so beautiful. Sometimes, I just like to lie on the grass in the park and reading a book or simply dozing off.

Summer is a good time to be outdoors, except when there's cricket on the telly.

mama23beas said...

I wished for warmer summer last year, when we where there. Siap beli 'summer dresses' for the girls. But temp around 18C only in Wales, dresses tak pakai pun ...masih sejuk utk I, but the highest we experienced 27C in York.
And yeah...time really flies, it's been a year to us and I sempat got pregnant and a new addition to the family too;)

Naz said...

Hi D!
It's warm here too. Today it's 18 and I think it's just nice. The kids are running around in shorts and tshirts. Lega tak perlu jadi hantu bungkus for once! Next week, weather forecast cakap the temp is going to shoot up to 33C!
So, i'm stocking up on sunblocks and drinks tomorrow.
Hope you and the kids are fine. Enjoy the good weather! :)

Raden Galoh said...

Dearest sis...

Glad everything is on track now... Always having you in mythoughts.

Love. Much Love. And hugs too. :)

ummumishkah said...

have a nice day sis! :)

D said...

ahhh... cricket! For me, it's tennis. :)

it's awful when you have a gloomy and wet summer. this year, I'd say summer tourists to UK are the luckiest! hey, you've achieved a LOT in a year now - kudos!!

18C seems perfect! 33C is a little too much. But you're right - no need to bungkus! Yeay!! Gotta maximise using the most minimal.

Raden Galoh,
thanks dear... we keep each other going on, eh? ;)

thanks.. semua dah hitam dah pun!!

Anonymous said...
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Hunny said...

Salam Kak D,

I just found your blog, and I must say that you are truly a strong and admirable woman and mother. Your kids are really lucky to have you.

It is really hot kan? It's worst when the room is equipped with heater only, no fan or air-cond :p
I hope the temperature will dropped a bit soon. I didn't come to UK to experience the same weather as Malaysia, hehe.

Anonymous said...
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MHB said...

you take one day at a time, yah...

I love your banner photo!! Little D dok buat apa tuuu?? :-)

D said...

hehe... He was in a mighty uncooperative (moody) mode! My friend snapped more than 2 dozen photos and we only managed to get 2or 3 perfect snaps with everyone looking at the camera! :) obviously, I can't put that here, can I? mesti la minus me..

Ms B said...


it's definitely a hot week! minimising my attire at home. *winks*

But yeah, the heat certainly leads to flu/fever etc. I'm hoping my young lady doesnt get the bug from me.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello MsD, funny England having warm weather and we cool weather.
But still what I call miniskirt weather.
Sure miss going to Serpentine Lake or Hyde Park corner listen to the speakers.
Hope little D is okay now.

Ooops, you allergic to pollen? Sure regret to read that.
Anyway, keep well and have fun, best regards, Lee.