Monday, June 08, 2009

My boys...

Since I wrote the last entry, some things have changed. I have begun to realise how much I have to be careful with whatever I say to these precious children of mine for their little minds often attempt to come up with incredulous ideas. This is what happened...

A day after I wrote the last entry, Abang H was a little lazy at reading his Quran. Instead of nagging him, I resorted to the usual psychological game. Hmm... looks like someone's making it much easier for me by not wanting to read the Quran today. Hoorah!

Instead of getting him beside me the next second with Quran in hand, they began an in-depth discussion with me about their request.

Oh, do you think it's too much for us to ask for the laptop? Abang Z queried (I dare not ask whether it was one each that they demanded for!).

I just smiled. No, if you boys don't want to read, hence not wanting to finish before the school trip to France, then it's fine by me.

The boys began to whisper to one another.

Okay-lah Mama, I won't ask for anything! I'll still try to khatam the Quran, but you don't have to give me anything, Abang Z exclaimed bravely.

Abang H's expression changed. WHAT? No laptop, no nothing?

I was taken aback by Abang Z's response. Calmly, I told them, Boys, look here. We made a deal so a deal is a deal. You just concentrate on your Quran readings, and leave everything else to me (even though I didn't really have a clue what my plan was!).

That night, I heard them talk and talk under their duvets but I was too tired to eavesdrop. The next morning, they presented me with their revised proposal.

Mama, we don't want a laptop (notice singular form, not plural!) for completing our Qurans but we have changed it to rabbits as pets! I've worked out an estimate and it's far cheaper than a laptop, you know.


The children knew how I loathed pets of all sorts. I am not like their late dad who, like a child himself, loved every single living animal there is in the world, ever-so-willingly wanting to take home one! Yes, these creatures are amazingly adorable but only if they belong to someone else, of course! Wasn't it enough that I succumbed to their cries after their dad's departure by giving in to their requests for hamsters early 2008? Okay, so we gave one away when we went back home last year but we still have one more and no one hardly plays with it. I'm the one left talking and playing with it night and day. Urgh!!! By the way, aren't we supposed to be working on the 'NO NEGOTIATIONS' thingy?

It's definitely made me feel bad. Bad because one hint about my worry and they have changed their minds about what to ask for. I know that Abang H still wants the laptop, but Abang Z is trying to persuade him otherwise.

I'm trying to think what the late Mr.D would have said if he were here today. I know that the children really take after him, both at being a gadget-person and also loving animals. Personally, I'd prefer something as clean as an electric gadget (though it also requires some TLC). I also know that Little D is now questioning why his older brothers can request for a pet when he has been crying and wailing for a goldfish or guinea pig or stick insect for ages already! Ergo, getting the older ones rabbits would definitely make the younger one squeal in anger and frustration.

What seemed like a simple carrot has now transformed into a rabbit. So much for motivation!


anggerik merah said...


so cute the boys. Knows well how to nego..

Yup, we too.. craving for motivation...sigh...

Ms B said...

U know dear, my lil one always asks about the costs of something and she will conclude on her own if it is too "expensive". I feel bad all the time as what she deems as pricey is something that I can afford, tho she may not necessarily need them.

Sometimes I tell her that she's a kid. just enjoy her youth and let mummy do the worrying.

Oldstock said...


I'd still go for the laptop. At least, it is now confirmed at one unit and not two.

This option will make two sons happy, instead of only one.

Naz said...


lil Happy me! said...

K D, before you agree to anything (on the rabbit bit) you have to lay down the rules. i.e, who's taking care of the rabbit, cleaning up the poo later, etc.

halwafy said...

Heheh..your carrot turned into a rabbit huh?? Funny one :)

you know your children best...laptop kena monitor jugak..rabbits pun sama...camno?