Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wherefore art thou, food bloggie??

Many many entries ago, I mentioned that I so want to publish a food blog. The blog actually exists as I have created it for probably two years now but have never updated or have the guts to publish it. You see, I'm quite a perfectionist. To me, once you've set your mind to start off something, then you've got to do it properly and full-heartedly. Hence, the blog remains unpublished.

The main reason for this is because I want the recipes I put up there to be illustrated with quality photos of the food prepared. My camera at the moment, a 2003 model of Sony Cybershot DSC-P10 with 5.0 Mega pixels will not do the job. In actual fact, it won't even snap good photos of our daily activities. Ergo, I'd have to get my dream camera, a DSLR that would look like any of these:

And that will probably have to be in the next lifetime! Well, in actual fact, I've sort of planned it in my head to get one for the twins (a second hand would probably not be too impossible) to work on as their hobby (as Mommy has too many things to do than to add another hobby on the list!).

For that reason also, I don't feel it's right to put up recipes here and mess everything up. I know, I'm such a crazy woman with a complicated way of thinking. :) But don't give up hope... it'll probably be a reality one day. One fine day.


Ms B said...

Thats why I said you were in the wrong line. *grins*

the food blog should follow with a tangible diner, ok? *winks* I could probably be the kitchen helper FOC. Thats a bargain. *grins*

Naz said...

Hi D,
Good luck. The *good ole* could also produce nice pics if you experiment with angles and lighting. For close up, don't use direct/built-in flash (too harsh). Knowing you, somehow ... pling! you'll make the dream come true :)

If Ms B nak jadi kitchen helper, I tolong cuci pinggan ya!

Kak Teh said...

D, cant wait! Better still, when you do start cooking for your blog, sms me and will langkah kanan to taste it first before you put it on the blog...macam quality control, gitu...hehe, boleh?

Take care.

Umi Kalthum Ngah said...

Dearest D!


Al the best in your new venture! Go on...just do it!

MHB said...

Come on, girl... just DO IT!! ;-) ramai orang nak jadi follower nih!!

KC said...

all the best to be food blogger...! aiyah..envy la orang pandai baking ni...sigh!

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

I plan to buy one as well and have been bidding on eBay. Unfortunately so far I haven't won any of them as they all went beyond my budget.

D said...

Ms B,
you're most welcome as the kitchen helper - some people HAVE requested to come to learn how to make some stuff. They returned grinning from ear to ear with plenty of 'bekal'. Made we wonder whether it was a genuine request for a baking lesson! LOL!!

*giggles* hehe... I know - Mr D and I learnt about it: how to do it with a compact camera. But this camera memang dah ada prob sikit. BTW, it's just an excuse maaaa!! ;)

Kak Teh,
QC? Hehe... boleh je. But me thinks me'd have to move to London now la. What with Ms B as kitchen helper and you as the quality control supervisor..?!!

yeah... I'll do it InsyaAllah!

sure, sure... you dah pro boleh la cakap!

If you like doing anything, you'll try everything to make it exciting and enticing! :)

Once you're successful, bid for me too. ;)

MULAN said...

ya lor... teruskan aje gitu, sis..

oh i love my sony cybershot though its ollldd one oredi...

rd said...


Go for it!

Your food blog would be so much more alluring with images captured by your dream camera hehe :P

Tak sabar nak tunggu D's food blog ni :D

jooli said...

Blogging, studying, cooking-- where do you find the time?
I know how you feel about getting the pics right. I wish I had a digital camera to share pictures on my blog; but ... must prioritise.
All the best for the new (food) blog!

aNIe said...

D...akak pun berangan nak camera DSLR tu...hmmm...ntah bila ler agaknya...