Monday, April 06, 2009

New place

The move finally materialised on Sunday, 29th March. I had asked a team of male friends to help with the lifting, loading and transporting. Packing up certainly wasn't easy because as the things began to pile together, I could hardly move in the house and didn't really have an extra hand. The twins helped as much as they could (read: only when specific orders and supervision were given!). Well, at least they helped me carry most of the things downstairs, and that was definitely a big hand!

Early that Sunday morning, I fixed a simple do of Laksa Johor and egg wraps. I baked two batches of muffins the day before (once in the morning and once more in the afternoon) but instead of keeping it for Sunday, I shared them with friends on two different occasions. I thought I'd do more baking in the evening, but the plan was short-lived and somehow, I unfortunately failed to bake or make any other kuihs for my helpers on Sunday. This, I totally regretted because the number of visitors and helpers I received on Sunday was really encouraging! Thank you dear friends!!

As aforementioned, I have been treating this move, or hijrah, most positively. Yet, in more than one occasion, I found myself wiping away the tears that were profusely wetting my cheeks. It was painful. It still is. We've slept in the house for 8 nights already but I still feel the numbness in my heart. Yes, I know I have to move on and I have to trust Him. Yes, I know that I should never let the past anchor my present and future. And yes, 'life goes on'.

However, I am human.

Setting up home without my soul mate is like drinking coffee without any sugar, having toast without butter, or eating chicken without salt or pepper. Tasteless.

He has taken one of the most wonderful blessings in my life away from me.

It isn't the end of life, of course. But perhaps it explains the stale entries and inactive participation in the blogosphere - my apologies...

Until more umph and zest is added into the hollowness, let me just step back... over and out!


Mawar_Mohamad said...

Salam Kak,

This is a very emotional entry but I feel you!Hope kak will be strong to face the changes in your life with your children.InsyaAllah I can see you're one strong woman,mother and devoting life partner(eventhough your other half is not with you anymore but he is in your heart)!Sometimes I think that still matters.

I am married and experiencing long distance marriage relationship most of the time in a year as my husband works abroad on a rotation basis.I totally feel the same way,the staleness as you say in relationship without the other half's presence.

Hope we both can be strong :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

blardy 'ell woman... you "...fixed a simple do of Laksa Johor and egg wraps on Sunday, and baked two batches of muffins the day before" ??? in that chaos???


i'd just order a Kebab Mahal for everyone or smthn. haha

hey, share us the pics of your new abode will ya? boleh hantar virtual housewarming cookies ke apa...;-D *huggers*

Stylomom said...

Hello Kate! Alahai I wished I was around to help... you have only moved this once in what 3 years? or 2? I have moved so many times that I think I have a bedouin blood in me... be as positive as you can,take this move as a motivation to go further and may it be alot easier...inshallah... I will come back soon inshallah and I want a tour.. boleh kan? I might move again, I like it, gives me a new high, new place, new stuff and blerdy new neighbours! Calling you now..

Oldstock said...


No apologies needed. Wishing you the best with this new start in life.

Naz said...

It is tough but you are tougher.
Hugs to your wonderful juniors :)

silversarina said...

InsyaAllah your 'hijrah' will be blessed .

Take care !

maklang said...

take care D...

tq for the gifts...

MHB said...

when the going gets tough, the tough get going!! and you are definitely one tough gal, dearie!!

take your time and blog without obligations, you hear me?? ;-)

Ms B said...

waaa...laksa johor! I think when I moved last time, I took my friends out for a quick snack.

hmm, wonder if mom can make some. Been pampered ever since she arrived. :D

take care luv!

Aida said...


Just hang in there.

Raden Galoh said...

Salam sis.
You are doing what you need to do... moving forward that is.

I know it is hard and yet I know you'll brace it through sturdy and strong... our dua's are with you sis.

Love and hugs.

MULAN said...

be strong & take care..


ummu_hafiy said...

Semoga akak terus mendapat kekuatan dari Allah... aamiiin

F Manchester said...


Wish I was there to help. Well now there's more of an excuse then ever to drop by again to check out your new place!

and ayooohh... you bake some more! I would have shut down the kitchen like 3 days before the move and would call for pot-luck! Superwoman lah you.

Anonymous said...


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KC said...

oh, no wonder u're so quiet these past few weeks rupa2nya baru pindah rumah. good luck in yr new home...

moving to a new house is akin to moving on to a new lease of they say. take care as always!

Anonymous said...

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elchal said...

Assalamualaikum Akak D,

I found your blog today and read it from your first entry till most of all entries you had and i touched by the stories here and i'm very adore your toughness in those situations you had.

Harap akak tabah dan saya tertarik dgn entry2 akak yang tak jemu untuk saya baca dan ketahui cerita seterusnya.

Boleh saya link kan blog akak dari blog saya?

n.i. said...

wishing you all the best sis!