Friday, March 13, 2009

The Brits being funny

Little D and Princess have been singing this song day and night. Today, they're having all sorts of silly and funny activities in school whilst being dressed up in pyjamas.

This charity drive run every two years is not such a bad idea and worth taking a note of (not entirely everything though!). A little bit more about it can be read in my entry two years back (

When Little D started whining about the slit that had grown bigger in his red nose this morning, I tried to convince him that it was still okay by putting it on the whole way to school. The teary-eyed began laughing, and so did the other children and parents who were also making their way to school then. Gosh, looks like I made a clown of myself early this morning, eh? :)


F manchester said...

Shahadah got one of those hairbands with red bobs on em for school today. The red nose is too big and keeps falling of her nose too.

BTW- the red nose thingy is every year... well it is here in manchester and was at Edinbugh as far as I can remember... though please do correct me if I'm wrong ;P

D said...

Fairuz, tulah, I also thought it was every year until someone corrected me. As far as we can remember, my kids' school didn't have anything last year. I dunno...

Kak Teh said...

D, i was walkingback from work yesterday, a group of students were playing piano , violin by the roadside on the pavement and theyhad already collected £1000 plus! their target was £1,500. They have done very well.

ummi said...

just to this:

Naz said...

Oh! I remember such event when I was in Colchester. One of the things we had to do beside wearing the red nose was to walk backward from 9 to 12. Those that did not do it got water or flour thrown on them. Hilarious!

Madam Markonah said...

Wow...definitely something one will remember till old age :-D

Dad of 4+1 said...! I have since forgotten this....Hope you and kids had a blast!

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

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Anonymous said...

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