Friday, January 09, 2009

A promising start (for some, of course)

We've had a warm start welcoming the new Hijri year where we fasted and had a dinner slightly more special than other nights. Then, for the new gregorian year, we were blessed with the company of a wonderful family. Despite the plunge in temperature, our house was filled with unexplainable warmth - of giggles and laughter (not forgetting fights and cries), where games like Zombie and Simon Says became instant favourites to some. It was definitely a perfect way to wrap up the school holidays for the children.

My children and I are soldiering on into the new year with new resolutions and recharged determinations, albeit the mass weight and unsettled matters on my shoulders (funny how people are always telling me to keep busy as there's no way I can do otherwise!). I have been surprisingly very calm, Alhamdulillah, trusting in Him and only Him. Subhanallah... perseverence and patience, whilst surrendering totally to Him is the best and proven thing to do! And trust me, there's a vast difference between theory and practice!

However, while we snugged closely (while stuffing our faces) and indulged in merry moments together, in one corner of the world are our brothers and sisters facing a holocaust of events. Images of the proven cruelty are all over the internet, downloaded on blog posts (example) and distributed via email. I even stumbled upon a blog containing interesting insights as they are written by real people currently affected by the war. I laud movements (such as this) to step in and help as much as it is ever possible. There is no limit to what we can do to help. For instance, in the issue of giving donations, why not contribute a little bit more than the usual. Feel the pinch, let it be worth it. It's not the usual coin or note we drop in donation boxes at the mosque or circulated at the office. Perhaps think of that new mobile phone you had your eye on, or the holiday you have been saving up for - sacrifice it and the reward is yours in Jannah, InsyaAllah...

Furthermore, this is perhaps the best time to gather our strength and TRULY TRULY boycott products from Israel. Yes, say goodbye to the usual brands such as Maggie (no more Maggie Mee), Nestle (take your break with something else now!), Marks & Spencer (boo hoo... my lingeries and biscuits!!). This will really be the best time to put that on our list of resolutions. Hey, we've managed to avoid Kinder chocs (which are by the way yummy) as a move to boycott Dutch goods, you know?
When we talk about 'sacrifices' and 'hijrah', this is what it is really about. Believe this: the more we give, the more we will get (when the Almighty is made the central reason )- if not here, then in the hereafter.


Kak Teh said...

Insyaallah D, we pray for the best. 781 palestinians and 13 Israelis so far. 12.23

Naz said...

Salam D,
WE try our best to teach our children the value of tolerance across various borders and when things like these happen, we are sometimes lost for words.
I hope for peace. I pray for peace.

ruby ahmad said...

Salam D,

Yes Kak Teh is right. The proportionality is amazing.

I just feel sorry for the common people in Gaza. They are up against a giant when it comes to warfare.

Let's spread the word for help together.

Ms B said...

D darling,

I dont eat maggie mee (yup!), will now go to Tesco (Asda jauh), and nestle...hmm, have to think. Mostly chocs, right?

ps: I want a cake!! *grins*

D said...

yes, kak teh... I saw a pict of an israeli soldier's coffin - the caption was: 11 israeli soldiers dead. What the..??

you're right - this is the time to nurture our children. Power and greed is a total NO-No!

Yup, ironic... so they say they're not targetting civilians and yet this is what we get.

Ms B dear,
Tesco is owned by a Jew tycoon: Sir Jack Cohen. His wife's name is Tessa Cohen, hence TESCO. LOLs. Kita shopping kat Pasaraya Gembira je la! :)

Zek Zek said...

Salam Kak D

Yes, avoiding Israel's products as much as i can...though tempat I carik makan is the big US based-IT company ..huhuhuh..I say no to starbucks...coca-cola (ni semua tak bawak pekdah pun)...nestle? (this one really hard - Rayyan dok minum Nespray and Milo)

Avoid mana yang boleh..hehehe M&S - bikut dia sedapp..heheh tapi takperla..makan biskut hup-seng jer

Ms B said...

Oh no! where do i find pasaraya gembira then? *grins*

it is snowing today. how nice!

ileena said...

its snowing in coventry now?for real???wheeeeeeeee!!boleh main dekat backyard.:)
eh..russia snow tak hilang2.dah -26!!!!!!!!!

D said...

zek zek (@ cik kiah),
congrats for the attempts! alahai, bab cari makan ni susah sikit la ek... macam orang kerja bank la jugak gamaknya.

Ms B,
ok, no Pasaraya Gembira... I'm opting to Asda (apparently a friend told me it's cheaper than Tesco) and maybe Sainsbury (much closer than Asda). can't do perfection but consistency should do the job!

well, can't really say it snowed in coventry dear... By far, it can't be compared to Russian standards!! I know, so you get to make a whole family of snowmans: grandad, grandma, dad, mom, children, etc + ski + sledging and all. tapi ingat, study!!

maklang said... kan kita ni...dengan anak2 memang tak menang tangan..

n.i. said...

sis D,
i bought a fresh & white toothpaste today instead of the usual colgate... a secret garden body bath instead of the usual palmolive.. hehehe... i'm trying VERY hard to convince my kids to choose other chocolates besides kitkat... and also the weekly treats of starbucks caramel frappucino... i no longer eat maggi mee after i tasted mi sedaap hehehe memang sedapp!!!
so Insya Allah, all of is survive... :-)