Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Panic, panic, panic

Yes, time zooms pass us... faster than lightning. Almost in a blink of an eye, it's end of August already. Oh sigh... I look at my checklist and see that there are some things still not ticked. Well, it concerns meeting some friends but I am so pressed for time now that it's not so easy fitting everyone in (an entry on meeting all blogger friends will only be up in September).

The latest of the latest news that is making my sisters and I panic is that our parents are going for their annual umrah trip earlier than expected! Instead of the 28th of August, a phonecall from the travel agent this morning informed them that it has been brought forward to... 23rd August (the day they're planning to have some close neighbours and family over). It's also the day we're supposed to come back from a holiday stint with my sister's family from Kuching.
Well, this is just a short and quick update - just to share how I'm feeling at the current moment. My mixed emotions is only a sign of the fluctuating Imaan. I'll be back when things are more in control!


-akuni- said...

Ok, ok, one at a time ya... semoga selamat semuanya...

MULAN said...

sabar, sabar sis... ada hikmah di sebalik semua kejadian, kan..

Aida said...

Hi Khadijah,
Do you remember me? Well if you dont, then it would be nice if we met up in Singapore before we both go back. You are going back aren't you? Coventry will be different without you and classes will be even more different. I have changed my cell number in Singapore. Will text you to update. In the meantime, keep well and kiss the kiddies for me. Talk soon Inshallah.

Ms B said...

d dear,

part of my initial plan was to meet you but just like ur entry, it seems almost close to impossible (perhaps we need a james bond to help us out).

My other option is to pay you a visit during term break ie October. Hope it is ok.

Take care loads dear!

anggerik merah said...

D dear,

so nice talking to you. Thanks for the call. I just woke up from sleep on time to receive yr call...

WIll be in touch again...

Has said...

Ms D,

Thanks for the dhuha dua. Me, dok berdoa gaya bebas, maybe I'll read the one you gave. What about doa masa tahajud?

ruby ahmad said...

Hi D,

How are you? Oh dear panic. Of course. Once plans are changed & made earlier of course that would create some chaos. Just do what you can dear. I have posted our coffee meet part of recent entry. Hugs.

gadhogadho said...

Hello D,

I made a link from my blog to the entry on H. I hope you don't mind.



Anonymous said...


My warmest salam to you Mrs D and your children.

I am new to your blog but I have been visiting daily eversince I chanced by it recently.

May Allah swt give you and your beautiful children His Blessings everyday, Amin Ya RabbalAlamin

You are a remarkable muslimah. I have learnt so much from you though strangers we are but in Islam we are sisters.

I thank you my dear sister for your willingness to share with us.

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa.

Ikhlas daripada FD dan keluarga