Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Mommy, can we not sleep tonight?

Err... whatever for? You guys want to spend the night beribadat?

What's that?

Well, do you guys want to spend the night praying and reading the Quran? Just spending the time worshipping Allah. People get up while others are asleep to do just that. Is that what you want to do?

We just want to stay up. Can we watch a movie or two?

(Chuckling) Okay. Whatever...

Yay!!! We can stay up the whole night!!!

By 10.20 pm, I walked into the living room and I saw three pairs of eyes shut. Only Abang Z was glued to the screen, watching some movie for the umpteenth time (he was the one who asked earlier!). It wasn't long that he too joined the others - all in mommy's room!

Bags packed. *&!72%^@&(%$#!!*@ - Check.
Documents packed. Check.
Travelling documents. Check.
Rooms cleaned and tidied. Check.
Toilet cleaned. Check.
Fridge and freezer emptied. Check.
Kitchen cleaned. Check.
Switches, taps, plugs, windows. Check.

I feel a little nervous right now. I'm going on a long journey across the globe with my four precious gems(the last trip to Dublin didn't go all smooth). Rather daunting but this is how we will be from now onwards. Just the five of us. With Him looking over us, how could anything possibly go wrong? Even if anything did go wrong, it'll soon iron out, InsyaAllah and that's another lesson learnt.

Life is full of lessons to be learnt. Unfortunately, the best lessons are learnt the hard way. Sorrow, disappointment, hurt, guilt, misery, and depression, mixed with love, happiness, cheerfulness, ease, bliss, and hopes - they all become part and partial of life. We cannot deny its existence, and we have to consent to the divine will. And I mean EVERYTHING. I'm letting everything in this heart of mine go...

Allah knows what's best for me. All I have to do is march on, with heart and mind trusting Him. WHATEVER lies ahead is good. Tears and laughter does not matter while emotions are normal (especially for women with PMS). As my sis said, there's nothing wrong with emotions, be it negative or positive, as it reminds us how human we are - never ever perfect.

To those in the UK, have a wonderful summer - picking fruits and basking in the hot sun (yeah, yeah...). To those in other parts of the world, it doesn't matter where we are, life is good... To those in Malaysia, wait up - I want my durians! (and char kuey teow, nasi lemak, rojak mamak depan Giant, gulai daging salai, gulai tempoyak (NS), and the list goes on...).


bluewonder said...

cnt wait to c u

cikmim said...

when u r back here, tell me.
mom went thru the same things after dad passed away. u'll be fine. dont worry k. *hugs*

myheartbleeds said...

D!! when are u leaving for home? Thot in July, now sooner, is it??

ummi said...

Kak D......!!!!That's not fair..You can't put list down here..Durian is £10 each!!!

Anyway, enjoy the time you have. I pray for you to have everything smooth. I did travel twice with my 4 kids alone from Malaysia. It very nervous. especially once I travel with emirates plus I do have travel sickness and hate airline food.

Anyway, don't bother about summer here..it seem like coming and going..Mwahhhh!!!

MULAN said...

have a great time in malaysia..!!!

anggerik merah said...

Welcome back dear.May you and family have a great holiday in Malaysia.

Nadia said...

Kak D,

eat for me will ya? hugs..take care!!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you all along the long, long way back home & esp to your sis.

The foods are waiting everywhere as usual - juz order saje! Hehehe..

Though I wish we could meet sometime if time permits - er, your rough whereabout pls? -rad-

Bon voyage!!!

1na said...

Semoga selamat dalam perjalanan ke mana jua.


cikmim said...


i just read ur significant entries.. again. my condolences. although its late, u r always in my prayers. be strong k kakD.

13may said...

selamat selamat :)

halwafy said...

Dah sampai dah D?

Have a great time at home!

Amy said...

Alah, lambat plak baca and comment. Wanted to comment that yes, the rojak depan Giant is still there and so does the donut depan Giant Kelana Jaya :). I hope you enjoyed your trip back D.

F manchester said...

D, a day or 2 before you left- I looked at phone wanting to call you- BUT with my horrible cough and running around cause my sis-in-law's departure back to M'sia too- I tak sempat.... So wish you all the best and a safe journey. please don't over due the 'eating' bit, cause I'm jealouse as it is...

ajzie said...

Dah sampai lum?
Have a great time in Msia..

silversarina said...

selamat kembali.

semoga percutian di tanahair menceriakan D dan anak-anak , InsyaAllah.

19julai jemput ke kemaman , majlis menyambut menantu .

VanDerVijk said...

Kalau nak packing senang guna Universal Packing list ni. http://upl.codeq.info/

Suzana Abd Manan said...

D, Selamat jalan. Akak baru kehilangan ibu tersayang rabu yang lalu. Yang sedihnya tak dapat balik kampung coz mizi tengah GCSE. Anyway kirim salam pd sdr n kawan2 di malaysia ye.

kak teh said...

Welcome back home! May you have wonderful times here. Pray for u and ur lovely kids safe and sound.

lil Happy me! said...

Welcome home!

Ms Istanbul said...


I have your contact details, courtesy from Kak Teh. Thanks dear! been snowed down with work.

btw, I have good news to share! *smiles*