Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's alright...

I'm thinking aloud again, reminding myself that:
  • It's alright if you spot a mouse or two scuttering in a corner of your house because some rat poison should get it down somewhere (hopefully not in the house!).
  • It's alright if the vacuum cleaner suddenly fails to suck up dust effectively because a duster and pan works equally well.
  • It's alright if your toilet begins to rumble and sputter, because with a little bit of jiggle and wriggle, and a shout to the landlord, it'll soon be okay.
  • It's alright if you find slug trails in the landing area of your house - just wipe it off and pour some salt where you think it came from.
  • Even if your laptop decides to sabotage you, it's alright.
  • If your eldest sister is freaking out for fear of the cancer, offer kind words of inspiration and motivation - it's alright.

Really, it's not the end of the world. Allah is always by our side - no matter where, no matter when, no matter what. It's all a test. And that's what I've been telling the children, even though they seem to be the ones more anxious than the mommy.

It's alright.


ummi365 said...

yep we have to handle things one at a time and be patient about it. Just take a deep breath and go with it. Insyaallah, it will be alright.

silversarina said...


Apa sahaja yang berlaku adalah kehendakNYA jua . Akak setakat boleh berdoa agar kesakitan yang dirasai boleh diatasi dan dapat sembuh sepenuhnya. Amin.

Ms Istanbul said...

D dear,

Ehem ehem, how's the cough? Do you want me to send some cough syrup?

I think when we have been through a certain phase, we realise that we need time to chill out. If we worry too much, how are we able to smell the roses in this journey?

Which is why I believe I'm learning more things about life from my girl.

ps: maybe you can adopt the rat and make it a better cook?? *LOL

ummu asiah said...

Dear D..

Memang benar..kena sentiasa menerima ketentuan..cuma semasa kita ditimpa sesuatu masalah tu, memang terasa macam satu beban yg sgt besar..rasa tk boleh handle..tapi later..baru dpt kita rasakan yg semuanya tidaklah begitu teruk..mungkin berkat kesabaran,do'a dan tawakkal..

salam kenal..

-akuni- said...

Dear D, saya pernah baca somewhere yang kita ni sometimes (or always) dok fikir itu dan ini (hal dunia) melebihi dari memikirkan Allah. Kdg2 bila saya susah hati atau runsing sangat, itulah yang saya cuba ingatkan pada diri saya - fikirkan Allah dan berdoa padaNya.

raiedzall said...

Salam D,
"It's alright.."
these are my words too, at time when i'm feeling worry, sad..

Rd said...


Spot on!! I love it :)

It's alright!!

I have also been giving out "It's Alright" response only in various tones when I do not know what else to say..

take care..

myheartbleeds said...

salam D...

Truth is, I haven't been 'alright' for the past week or so. I hate not feeling 'alright', no matter how much I tell myself that it's gonna be 'alright'.

But, I know that the Almighty Allah is great. I know I will be 'alright' even if I may not feel 'alright' at a certain moment.

I hope you're feeling 'alright', sis. Take care now.

Kaklong Syikin said...


SIs D,

ya..ujian yg dtg tu menguji diri dan iman kita..kekuatan dan keteguhan kita..mengajar kita bagaimana utk bertindak dngn matang dan bukan kebudak2an. ya tak mengapalah kalau ujian itu datang, moga ia memberikan kita pahala yang lebih atas kesabaran kita. amin..

cikMilah said...

I hope you feel just all-right!!!Imagine of the pouring rain.. let it drop, let it flow.. it's all right to get all thing goes by its way...because everything is under one roof - Allah The AlMighty.

kc said...

its alright when things go awry sometimes. just have a good laugh and knock yrself silly...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hey woman, weekend ni zila kawin kat kluang. nanti i try amek gambar banyak-banyak and post it somewhere otey?

lagi satu.... dij, i'm so so so glad you haven't stopped writing. your blog inspires a hell lot of us lah - with the inspirational words, and the real raw emotions - i'm sure there have been arrays of people you've silently helped.

you are so right, dij... you are so so blessed, dij. you've got the looks that WE all have been envying since we first knew you (tak caya, tanya fairuz!!!), you've known a soulmate that people envy, you've got wunderful wunderful lovely kids, and lovely and thoughtful friends and relatives all around the world to boot, too!

lagi satu... hey, dunia ni kecik la, dijji. your kakak apparently is my husband's good friend's 'kakak' masa zaman new zealand... and who also drops by to read your blog a lot! *waves at abg rosaini!* haha

love and hugs to you and kids!!!! *mwaks*

Nadia said...

I need to make such a list too :P