Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paused for reflection

I've just been back from a break. It was intended for the kids, but one which I also found a lot of good in. Being away from home allowed me time to breathe in some fresh air, to pause (a little bit longer than norm) for some serious reflection, and simply to appreciate the blessings bestowed on me.

The trip itself was a decision made out of the extraordinaire - into the homes of a blogger who had offered such warm friendship, but whom I had not met in person before. She accepted us with open arms and with her other half, became excellent hosts! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
However, I made a blunder at the beginning of the trip that made me realise how much I had relied on my late 'other half' and from now onwards, the responsibility was entirely mine. I also saw what bringing up the children means, on a broader perspective. It made me think and weigh circumstances with a clearer mind, far from daily worries.

During the week's break, it was great seeing the children laugh and enjoy themselves among wonderful friends. Their laughters made me laugh too, but within their laughters, it made me cry. And again, I went back to the basics of surrendering to the Almighty. Having faith in Him makes you go on, and whatever lies ahead - be it good or bad, does not matter anymore, when we are safe in His hands, under His care. I am humbled.

Some time earlier, a kind friend had given me a slap on my left cheek, and another on my right! That's us humans, often forgetful and oblivious of the blessings showered upon us. Ergo, I thank my friend for waking me up from my sleep, allowing me to be closer to our Creator.

Hence, I am now recharged (oh no, not again?!!), with my list of things to do and resolutions all lined up and up on the wall - let my momentum be consistent this time... This is all about our faith, or imaan. I have mentioned in one of my previous posts of the fluctuating imaan in each being, and this is something I often have to struggle with as sometimes I have some crazy battles in my head. Make Him your best friend, and keep our targets for the hereafter clear. InsyaAllah, we will all get there.

(Please note that I express my thoughts and hopes in my blog because I believe in being optimistic in life. This is therapy for me, and it helps me enforce the points I have thought of. I am not all super-duper - I try to bury negative thoughts so that I can go on...)


Nadia said...

same here Kak D :) (disclaimer)

kc said...

dearest d, i believe u dont wanna hear remarks such as "u're a strong-willed woman or other pitiful comments like that all the times, because u are. so what i'm gonna say is, i like yr optimism so much so that it inspires me each time i read yr post. excellent!

psst, lets change the edgy background color to something more bright and sunny...(i mean it in a good way) or not??

take care dear!

Anonymous said...

akak..sebak sy membaca kisah hidup akak..kagum saya dengan ketabahan akak menghdapi ujian dan tarbiah dari Allah..moga hidup akak dan anak2 akan sentiasa dalam rahmat dan kasih sayang Allah swt..amin..

From adik syakir

myheartbleeds said...

d, welcome back. I am so with you on 'burying negative thoughts'.

Your blog is full of optimism and I like that!

D said...

thanks dear.

yup, that's the only way forward - optimism. Only He knows best. thank you dearie... (aisey, lama tol tak gi bloghop nih!!)

adik syakir,
dugaan hidup ada di mana-mana. akak ni kena test sikit je, dah menggelupur... Allah loves us all -keep positive and keep our Imaan strong. We try our best, don't we?

hey, hey, hey... Look who's saying it all - a lady of wonders herself!! I basically have nothing else or no one else to rely on, except for Him. And, that requires a whole lot of courage, positive thoughts and a good dose of faith/Imaan. Without hope, we fall into pieces. Optimisim is hence the key to all. Betul kan?

silversarina said...

Akak tumpang happy bila tau D dah recharged yourself , apa yang dah berlalu telah berlalu, yang tinggal hanya kehidupan yang bakal dilalui .

D said...

forgot to say - changed the colour already. Bright enough? I too actually like light colours, but thought of experimenting on something a dark last time! hehee...

Kak Rina,
biasa la kak... sekejap 'low battery', sekejap kena recharge. semua soal keimanan.

ms istanbul said...

U go girl!!! *winks*

U know, maybe u can try home spa for relaxation (mothers like us often find it difficult to have our own "me" time). So home spa, dvd late nights, listening to our fav songs etc does the trick!

"we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. And the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts—which means our thoughts are the most powerful things we have here on earth"

Restless said...

Being positive is key.

juwaidah said...

Glad to see that everything's ok!

p/s: the colour is so 'tenang' mata memandang... :)

anggerik merah said...

Salam D,

glad to see you back writing in blog. I missed some of your previous entries and went to read them. Thanks and I appreciate much your friendship thru this blog.

Dear, I like your footnote!


Umi Kalthum Ngah said...

Assalamualaikum D!

Been quite a while since we last heard your 'voice'!

Glad to hear that the children had fun! And, you too!

On more lighter notes...Just sharing one quote which I picked up somewhere..(can't remember where, right now..)

Anyway, here it is...

"Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!" ~Owens Lee Pomeroy~

Oh! Figured out where I read it..


Anonymous said...

hi D, wah2 dah ceria blog ni nampaknya.nice!

kak as

al-amiNJ said...

Assalaamu'alaikum D!
Warna cerah dan ceria, bagus untuk jiwa.
Penulisan seperti ini memang satu therapy. Ia menenangkan jiwa, mengukuhkan azam dan menguatkan semangat. Orang-orang yang telah melakukan seperti ini akan mengalaminya.

ileena said...

someone's bday coming soon!!!:)
A.u.n.t.y D..

Anonymous said...

betul tu kak..dlm hidup ni pasti xsunyi dari diuji..samada kita sedar @x,adakalanya kesenangan jg ujian dari Allah..harap akak teruskn khidupan ini dgn iman n keyakinan pd setiap janji2NYA bg mereka yg sabar..insyaAllah.may Allah bless akak n family,amin.


ummu asiah said...

Assalamu'alaikum D..
Salam perkenalan..been reading yr entries. Dapat bnyk pengajaran tentang ujian dlm kehidupan. Allah is just a prayer away..tempat pengaduan yang membuat kita rasa tenang, walaupun apa yang dipinta mungkin tak nampak terbentang di depan mata

Semoga terus kuat dan terus berkongsi.

kc said...

you rawk gurl! me like this color...soothing cool! (smile)