Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm back...

...from nowhere. Just been chilling around, enjoying the (hopefully last) wintry spells of hailstorms, rain and snow. It's now the second week of Easter school holidays (thank God its only two weeks' break) and I am already exhausted with the kids. We've been going to the movies, ice-rink, shops, Transport museum, parks, and also visiting some friends. At the ice-rink, I fell and hurt my knee (yes, KK girls, D fell!). Ouch! It just goes to say that the globe has been spinning on its axis, and I am not as young as I used to be. Boo Hoo!!! Major trauma.

Anyway, the weather has been very promising these past few days. Bright and sunny, all day long. Alhamdulillah. I dare say that Spring is finally here, as we sprung forwards an hour yesterday, the last Sunday of March.


On a different note, I was saddened by a text from my dear ex-school mates back home. A senior in school, Roslina Baghawi, has lost her battle with cervical cancer and returned to our Creator at 20:25 Malaysian time today. Sister Roslina was diagnosed with cancer at stage 4 some time last year, slightly earlier than the late Mr D. She had fought the battle with sessions of chemotherapy and other similar therapies.

When I received the news, I was at the shops alone. I couldn't help shedding some tears, attracting stares from the people around me. I had known sister Roslina during school days, sharing a dorm with her, with my upper bunk bed next to her during my first year at boarding school. Many years later, our paths crossed several times as she too was an English teacher.

This year, sister Roslina should be 38, the same age as Mr D when he went. Again, we are all brought closer to death, a reminder that it is just around the corner; yet we live our lives forgetting our mission on planet earth.



juwaidah said...

Alfatihah... Allah loves her more..

p/s: I thought you've flown back to Msia! Lama tu dok senyap sunyi kat sana!! :)

sYaNa said...

Takziah & Al-Fatihah.

Yet another humbling reminder... thank you.

Take care, D :o)

kc said...

Al-fatihah to the deceased and condolence to her family.

All The Cars In The World said...

I remember a line from the movie P.S I Love you - " This is our life and no one ever come out alive"... How true..