Monday, October 01, 2007

The true meaning of friendship

This entry is dedicated to the hundreds of wonderful friends out there (didn't realise I had so many!) who have given me the strength to go on the journey, with the guidance of the Almighty.

Over the week, my anonymity in writing this blog has become history. Those who have only known me via the blogosphere, I am still D - the lady who never reveals how she looks. To those who have known me for the past few years, past decade and decades, I am that very person you know. The girl who was neither this nor that in school, neither here nor there in university. I am just an average person trying to live my life the way I am supposed to as a Muslim.

Over the week, I have been blessed with buckets of tears, hugs, du'as, well wishes, words of advice and many more material gains. This is the true meaning of friendship. What more can be better than a gift of sincere du'as from the people around you? Bluewonder has been trying to contact every single friend we had in common - in 'ol Edinburgh, and also our (Mr D & I) ex-schoolmates whom she also knows. BAMZ107 has also done the same - informing our ex-schoolmates of Mr D's health condition. Thank you, girls...

Mr D and I went to the same school many, many years ago. However, I didn't know him then because I was the scruffy, sloppy and moody junior who didn't take much fancy to those of the opposite sex. Especially the seniors. We met each other about 8 years later and since we were meant for each other, the relationship just developed.

Last weekend, Mr D and I have been touched with the number of people who have turned up at the hospital to visit him. No one is spared the surprise to see how thin and frail he looks now. Friends in Coventry and even friends from Durham and Darlington have come with well wishes. Being the person he is, Mr D even jokingly said on Saturday, "So many people have come to see me - it's just as if I'm dying!"

Yet, a smile is sketched on his face and there is hope in his eyes. Friends have given him more strength and determination to fight the battle.

Nonetheless, consuming anything is almost impossible now. He gets hiccups if he attempts it. His tummy is now bloated, perhaps due to the lack of food. I'm going to speak to the doctors today and maybe urge them to put him on drips so that he can regain some energy, especially for the chemo.

On behalf of Mr D, I thank all the wonderful friends out there for your du'as. We'll keep on praying to the Almighty because only He knows what's best for us.


bAiTi said...

Kak D,

U r such a strong person. Insya Allah, u + ur family will be in my doa. And, insya Allah, He will fulfill your doa on this barakah ramadhan.

Hope everything will turnout to be better- sooner or later, insya Allah..

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Kak D,

I think i'm the last person to know about your hubby. Sorry for not keeping in touch all this while. Actually, not only with you but also with other people. My Dua goes to you and your family. Take a good care of youself. i know you are strong and tough. Send my salam to your hubby and the kids.

Ramadhan Mubarak

lelakhalidah said...


Just read ur blog & i can feel how hard it is as i am surrounded by cancer patients in family.

T care & love to kids..

Semoga tabah & Allah always be with you.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

oh how i wish we're all there and could physically go visit your hubby and you and hug you tight.

heard from fairuz that she'd be coming over to visit you both soon.

we're all praying from afar, D***i.


Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry to have blown your cover. I thought people know who you are. Anyway, this post has put a smile on my face because I can read hope in between the lines. I don't expect anything but battle and recovery for Mr. D. Any other adjectives used are to be binned, thank you very much :o)

Thank you for the updates and I wish you were not so far away. I need to give you a big hug.


bluewonder said...

on the quest to get in touch wth as many ppl who know u and Mr D.

in the hope that more ppl will give dua for a speedy recovery for MrD

take care

juwaidah said...

The hundreds friends that you have showed how wonderful a person you are.. I think, an e-mail about you and Mr. D's predicament has travelled all across UK! Hope that all the love poured by your friends and family will ease some of your burden...



Kak Elle said...

d thats the spirit my dear ... with more cheers and msgs from friends it will put your pecker up:)

I have your number nd certainly will keep mr d too:)

take care dearest d...hugs*

manja_dy said...
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manja_dy said...

We would like you to know that we will pray for your family esp Mr D.
Ash(bluewonder-brother)& Manja_dee in Manchester

D said...

thank you so much dear... Yes, I'm grabbing the mountains of benefit that Ramadhan offers.

anonymous @ Rinn,
fear not, you have not missed much. I'm also glad that I managed to inform you personally, though you initiated the gesture.

yes, I think cancer is too common nowadays. My step mom had cancer 11 years ago and she has survived the battle (lymphoma, early stage). So, in a way, I know what to expect.. Thanks.

Somehow, I can feel your hugs - squashed in your arms... thank you dear (we have to catch up later)

no problem, gurl... I used to be a little bothered about it but now that I've got old chummies reading my blog, it's hard to keep it to D only, eh??

you're a great friend indeed! Thank you loads...

WHATT???!! The whole of UK knows about us?? WoW! Well, hope it generates good du'as...

kak elle,
yes, it's wonderful people like you who make people like us stronger!

manja_dy & ash (I know you're bluewonder's bro!),
Thank you, thank you, thank you...

ajzie said...

I am really sad & there's nothing I can say but be strong.

I will always pray for ur family. Insyallah everthing will be ok.

And very sorry for not keeping in touch all this while


kc said...

i wish i had some money now so that i can book a flight straight to yr doorstep and be there to give moral support to u guys...

menziarahi org sakit itu satu ibadah, thats what i'm being told. and org sakit itu akan terhibur bila ada org dtg menziarahinya wlpn sekejap

is that yr house phone or mobile phone?

mrsjemain raihan said...
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D said...

don't be sad. Send a smile to the world! Thanks anyway!!

no, don't do anything as drastic as that. A sincere du'a is sufficient, InsyaAllah. Those are our mobile numbers, with the correct codes for international calls.

mrs jemain raihan,
yes, i think i remember you. your gesture is highly appreciated.

D said...

ps: sorry mrs jemain raihan, Mr D said to delete comments with my name on!