Monday, October 15, 2007

Another chapter

In the midst of the rush during Eid, I have attempted to write an entry on our Eid celebration. However, I do not have the mood to finish it off as more disturbing issues have evolved. Hence, I am seeking the guidance of the Almighty to help me through this very trying moment - having to deal with so many tests from various different directions. To seek for patience and strength, and for absolute peace of mind and soul.

Mr D will be discharged this week. I will be busy preparing for his return. For now, the doctors have said that he isn't fit for chemotherapy. More updates next time, when I feel like it.


wkb said...


Eid mubarak to you and your family. My dua that Mr D will be well soon, insyaAllah...Take care..

maklang said...

salam D,

banyak2 bersabar dan moga Mr. D cepat sembuh...

Doa maklang sentiasa buat D sekeluarga...

Anonymous said...

Akum D.
Glad to hear about the discharge. He will be more happy and comfortable at home amongst his children and loved ones. Enjoy and cherrish every second together, smile at his little tantrums and demands, listen to all his wishes and hopes and support him with decisions he has made.
You are strong, because only those that are strong enough to survive are blessed with the trials by Allah.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about MR D. I'm in Stoke-on-Trent, working here. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

I hope Mr D is feeling stronger day by day.

Best wishes,

Kak Elle said...

Like maklang my comment too kena byk bersabar dan kuatkan semangat ini hanya permulaan.

My doas for you and family remain always.