Monday, September 17, 2007

Wake me up..

"Mommy, don't forget to wake me up for sahur!"

That's what I get every night from my youngest (5 this November) before he goes to bed. The first time he said it, this is what I asked him, "Do you know what sahur is ?"


I smiled, "then how come you want to wake up for sahur?"

He stood quiet for a moment, deep in thought. "What's sahur, mommy?"

"Oh, you get up very early in the morning and eat so that you can puasa the next day." I paused. He still looked lost. "Do you know what puasa is?"

"No, what's puasa?"

That put a bigger smile on my face. "Puasa is to not eat, drink, quarrel or be unkind to others from the moment you wake up until it gets dark, about 7.30pm."

I let the information register in his little head but all he said in a small voice was, "Oh..."

"I don't want to puasa then..."

So I explained to him that he can slowly try fasting, a day at a time, an hour at a time. But ever since, he has yet to last until noon. The earliest was 9.00 am, the latest was 10.30am.

Ergo, what do I do when he shouts, "Mommy, don't forget to wake me up for sahur!"??

"We'll see, Didean... we'll see..."


idham said...

:) YOur son has a wonderful curious mind.....
and your answer so precise....clear enough for him to decide that he does not want to puasa then..hehehe...but slowly2 ...nanti our small ones will be attracted to the idea of least for half a day...

selamat bersahur bersama keluarga....:)


k.d said...

Selamat berpuasa D! I tengah train my daughter puasa till 1pm. Why we fast mommy? I'm thirsty mommy..My tummy grumbling mommy!! Is it 1pm yet? Hehehe..

Eh...I got keropok Trengganu for to give one?

Kak Elle said...

d good trainning for him eh at least he tries till 10am ...

wah new look nampak?tukar langsir juga ke?

nurazzah8 said...

salam ramadhan..... anak I yg bongsu masih belum mahu puasa...

rd said...


your son november boy? sama dgn my daughter.. she'll turn 5 this november..

sama mcm kd, my daughter puasa sampai 1 o'clock.. tapi bila sahur mmg makan selera... hehehhehe

Dad of Four said...

D - Ramadhan Kareem! My 5 year old cakap "kuasa" and not "puasa" no matter how many times we correct him!

Suri Rahsia Abang said...

kak d.. slmt berpuasa ye.. besh ke puasa kat sana?

Restless said...

teringat zaman I bebudak, first it would mak who would wake I up. Klu liyat, it was then Abah's turn and I'd bounce from slumber if he came to get me. And I literally bounced from slumber.. heheh!

D said...

Yes, with the little ones, we try to do it slowly...

sometimes they can be coniving!! HeHe...

kak elle,
langsir rumah kita tak sampai setahun, so tukar langsir blog je la...

how old is your youngest? Older than my youngest ke?? My kids are having a hard time fasting in school because their teachers keep saying, they're young and the body needs nutritions to grow... sabar je la!

slooowww and steaddyyy wins the right, eh?

dad of four,
"I tak kuasa la..!!" LOLS..

well, kat sini teringin nak makan kuih itu ini, kena buat sendiri la alamatnya! Tapi ada gak semangat bertukar-tukar lauk/kuih di kalangan masyarakat melayu yang berdekatan. In a way, terjagalah sikit isu melantak waktu berbuka!!

bounced like a not-so-round ball, eh?? now does your alarm clock make you bounce from slumber? HeHe..