Thursday, May 10, 2007

Magic Mania

I have always been amused with children and vice-versa. Nonetheless, my mode of amusing them would hardly ever include a magic show. However, never fear because Mr.D is always here - he's the magician in the house. Yeah, entertaining indeed. Who needs Copperfield or Blane (and all the other street magicians), when you have one in your own living room?

Mr.D was showing the kids Blane's elevating trick and each child gave a slightly different response.

OK, watch my feet. Watch it closely!

Mr. D stood in position. Suddenly he began to elevate.

Abang Z: Wow!!! Do it again!

Abang H: Alah, it must be your hands, I know!!

Princess: Ooooh...

Little D: Wow, terrer-nya Abah! Abah fly high lah...

Now, the children are undergoing a training session to be great magicians, or illuisionists. I can only sit and observe (and pretend that it's real magic!). When Abang A and H perform a magic show, I must say that it's not too bad - the hand is sometimes faster than the eye. However, the kids still don't know the great value of keeping the trick a secret. The sense of achievement upon having to amuse the younger ones (being fed with "WoooW!" and "Fuyoooo!!") creates such great joy that in their excitement, the secret is revealed. So much for magic!

When the younger two - Princess and Little D do their little tricks, it's a different story all together. The coin is still there, the pulled card is NOT the one I picked, and so the list goes on.

So, watch out world, D's illusionists are here to entertain...

ps: don't forget to play along if it turns out a disaster!


ruby ahmad said...

Hi D,

Ok the D family.

I deem D stands for dexterity? He he.

My word, it must be great watching the kids' antics at magic ain't it?

How are you my dear?

rad said...

Your kids are so lucky - to be able to watch live magic show! Heheheh..the only magic shows that I've seen were on tv.Btw, I cudn't see the 'is this for real?' - apa tu?

halwafy said... oso want to watch your kids' and your Mr D's magic shows - are the tickets available for sale yet?? ;) Coventry is only 1.5 hours away by train ...he he he

Mama Sarah said...

sarah loves my disappearing coin 'magic'. she knew i just swapped hands, but she still looked impressed.


Kaklong said...


eh, nanti masukkanlah video klip anak2 buat magic show kat sini ya.

oh ya, pasal video klip org kena rasuk tu, mmg lucu, tak taulah kot saja2 atau betul2.

ada dpt tak fwd email ttg sati kes kat negara arab yg si anak bertukar seakan monyet wajahnya dan hujung kakinya seakan jadi kepala anjing? dan dia ni masih boleh bertutur lagi..dikatakan dia jadi camtu sbb derhaka pada org tuanyaa. menyedihkan tgknya hinggakan kedengaran org2 yg ziarah dia duk sebut2 "Allahu Yashfi/ shafii" (Allah yang Menyembuhkan). saya nak masukkan dlm blog tak reti plak. kalau sis nak tgk boleh email saya nanti saya forwardkan..itu belum lagi tgk sejadah duduk kat dlm masjid..hmm..

~ahni~ said...

Bagusnya cara D dan hubby nak entertain anak2, dia org pun mesti seronok.

D said...

you're back!!!! HaHa.. wil try to catch them preforming their 'magic' and put them up here though I must say that Twin H has recently been rather reluctant to have his photo up on my blog!

you couldn't watch that? Oh, well, no worries, just some prank. Hehehe.. can check youtube under "kena rasuk".

would you really come? it'd be nice. we can put up a magic show especially for you... email??

ok, wait until he sees Abang putting up a show (she IS fond of Abang, right? *wink*wink!)

HeHeHe... yang version kena rasuk saya tu ala-spoof je kaklong! the real one is up on youtube jugak but rather scary. Ye, yang kat Saudi tu menggerunkan. Sejadah solat? Oooo, tu belum tengok lagik! Semua kuasa Allah sebagai peringatan.

dengan anak-anak saya, memang puas nak entertain. Diorang asyik melekap kat kami macam ada suction/ superglue! Hehehe... kengkadang trick bodo pun jalan jugak.

U.Lee said...

Hi D, your post brings a smile to me re magic keep the kids occupied.
When I was very young my father would entertain me with some 'magic' tricks, as I grew abit older, I entertained him with mine. The moment he calls me to 'chuchi kereta', I do my disappearing act.
But its really fun to see kids laugh and puzzled with magic. Nothing beats a kids laughter.
Have a great time D, UL.

NJ said...

Yelah, letak lah utube posting on the D Family magic shows..hehe

Mama Sarah said...

u. lee, you are natural born entertainer lah. your disappearing act story is so funny.

D, ya lah - the last time you came, sarah went missing. i called out for her. and she answered from upstairs. i asked who she was with? and said 'abang'. (although not too sure twin 1 or 2?)

id said...

wah...very enterprising !
syiokkk...lots of fun at home like that.


halwafy said...


Thanks for the invite. I am taking it seriously if you don't mind...LOL

But Mr S is really busy now, his final exams will be in July so he really needs to concentrate...perhaps during the summer hols??