Sunday, March 04, 2007


I'm a loser. A total weakling unable to control her desire. Thus, this post will be a short one because I have to finish what I started.

A couple of weeks ago, I left a comment on a fellow blogger's site saying that I have been prohibited by myself not to pick up a novel. Therefore, I have been trying my very best to block out any talk about novels - reviews, comments, critiques. Spare me all of those.

Still, I've finished a book everyday this week (except for Wednesday because I was on the road a lot then). Although there are more academic books I should be buried in, I have been defeated resulting in me ignoring them. So, I'm just going to finish off this one and perhaps another one I got from the library yesterday (double guilty!) , and by Monday, I'll be reading those boring stuff till the wee hours of the morning - I promise!!


blossom said...

Hi D,

You're lucky to be able to bury yourself in all those books. For me no time work,work,work....

Luv LI

D said...

lucky, eh? Alhamdulillah then...

Intan said...

d, i am totally weak when it comes to reading trashy novels! now it's those addictive korean dramas! i cannot say no to any of them!

Mama Sarah said...

am i allowed to laugh?

p/s: share the titles lah :) please

D said...

i have no compulsion on soap operas, Alhamdulillah...

the week is coming to an end, yet today MrD and I literally hogged the wonderfully cheap books at the carboot sale! Ok, OK, I'm gonna hide them all in a secret cupboard (gotta go find one first). This past week's list:
1)The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella
2) All that Remains - Patricia Cornwell
3) The Chamber - John Grisham (read already but nothing else was around!)
4) Shopaholic & Sister - S Kinsella (library)
5) Can you keep a secret - S Kinsella (library)
6) The Chocolate Run - Dorothey Koomson (library)

What I got at the carboot:
1) Adrian Mole: Cappussino Years -Sue Townsend
2)Queen Camilla -Sue Townsend
3) The Brethren - Grisham
4) When we were orphans - Kazuo Ishiguro
5) Angels and Demons -Dan Brown (think i might have read this already)
6) Every Good woman deserves a lover - Diana Appleyard
Paid 3 pounds for them all

Mr.D also went crazy - he got:
2)Thai cooking
3)Microwave cooking - 5p
4)3 Streetmaps (newcastle upon tyne, Liverpool, Paris**)
5)3-D book (where you have to be cross-eyed to look at the images!)
6)an accounting book
7)a DIY book
8)Driving test theory book (ha-ha!)
and the last one (I laughed out loud!):
9) How clean is your house? (from the Tv prog)

adoi... pening!

k.d said...

D, you're a bookworm! Dah..sudah..go study now!!

D said...

Okay doc!

Ungku Nor said...

Selamat Membaca!

Akak lak, selamat layan dvd sampai tertido-tido!

Restless said...

A suggestion - Cecilia Ahern's "P.S - I love you" and "Love, Rosie". Go find them...

cikdinz said...

best nye dpt luangkan masa dgn buku..
mcm mana "stupid that book", kita ada belajar sesuatu dari nye.

oldtown~Smell the Roses said...

Hobby yg bagus! tp takleh nak biasakan sbb i cannot do anything sehinggalah buku tu habis dibaca. addicted!