Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Hijrah

I have neglected this space. Which of the options below do you think is the answer?
a) I've been refraining myself from writing
b) I've been busy enjoying life
c) I've been bogged down with work
d) I've been avoiding the acts of pausing and reflecting
e) I've been too lazy to write
f) I've not been allowed to post entries

Or is it all of the above?? Tell me what you think, eh?

It's the new Hijrah year already. And it almost went unnoticed for us, without reminders from friends back home.

My children asked me why the Muslim calendar wasn't the same as the calendar we're all so used to - the Gregorian calendar. I explained that the Muslims have a more accurate way of measuring time, determined by the moon. It was invented by the prophet's sahabat, 'Umar ibn Al-Khattab. Like the Gregorian calendar, it has twelve lunar months. Interestingly, the Hijrah started from the year Prophet Muhamad (pbuh) migrated from Mecca to Madinah in about 622 A.D. .The prophet's hijrah was a very significant point, as it promised political, economical and social stability to the Muslim community. Hence, the reminder for Muslims to not be afraid of venturing into new sectors and areas.

Putting it all in context, we are now in the starting point of our own hijrah. It is a point we have taken, after much thought and painstakes. Taking some risks, we walked into half-lit tunnels. There are several lighted kiosks on the way, and sometimes flashes from the other side. The journey is far, yet we hold on to each other for support because alone, we'd be lost. With perseverence and constant dua to the Almighty, our paths are lighted with signposts.

Hey, who switched off the power????

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k.d said...

Salam maal hijrah to you. You are right. We should celebrate the Hijrah rather than the Gregorian calendar. And it is more aptly named.

May you venture into new horizons in your life and I wish you success.