Friday, December 29, 2006

time of the month

There's so much to do. It's eidul adha tomorrow and we're moving to our new place the same time. And i'm having my monthly cramps..

I've loaded more things into the car but according to Mr.D, I need to put some engine oil in before the engine blows! Oh, dear... I only feel like slipping under the duvet. The weather out there is very gloomy (still). Very damp and dark, hinting that it might rain anytime. If only I could stay in. Sigh** There is a list of things to get - whole chicken to roast for tomorrow, another carpet for our room and some stamps (got to get slow mail sorted out!).

Hmmm... some people are already requesting for my twins' picts. Ok, here goes..

and perhaps another one. This one is with my princess.

and one taken a minute ago

anyone can figure out which one is Abang?


MerapuMan said...

must be 'fun' with those twins. i think the chubby one is the adik. i dont know, guess je.

Idham said...

ahhh so so sweet la ur twins and princess....tomeiiiiii!!!

bila pulak mama dan papa nya nak kuar nie...hehehhe

let me the last picture tu, yg dok bawah tu abang nya!


D said...

BINGO, merapuman! 0 for you, idham! Abang is more reliable, responsible and ...thinner. The younger one enjoys food like no one else's business. He's more playful.

Want to know how the mama and papa look like? The twins are a cross of us both. Use the techno power to visualise how we look like. Tak photogenic punnnnn!

MerapuMan said...

thought so. any present for me :) ?