Friday, November 17, 2006

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I was here before. A couple of years ago, I reckon. But it never worked. I'm back now and I hope it'll be much, much better. I set up a blog under the university but I think it's mean to be more academic: reflecting on readings, conferences, papers, theories, assigments, writing and the works. Perhaps I should set up a more general blog where I can be creative and not feel too restricted to studies and more studies.

A positive note.

I've gone to other blog sites and there are excellent work out there. Very creative, interesting and personal. That's what I want to do. And somewhere people don't have to know your name (with the university blog, you're on the directory for anyone to check!).

My intentions are clear and simple: to spend moments to pause and reflect life. To spend some time doing things I like, for example drawing and art. It allows me to be creative and also explore technology (transferring picts, scanning works of art or scrap). I hope to reflect on life using a more Islamic perspective, a bonus for Muslim writers, really!

Let's probably start off with a work of art.... let me try to figure something out.


Al-Manar said...

I arrive here via Umi's. It is customary that, if I fancy a blog, I like to know how it started, purpose of blogging etc. You wrote 'I hope to reflect on life using a more Islamic perspective, a bonus for Muslim writers'. That is good.

A blog that attracts me must at least satisfy the first condition. It has to be written seriously, in a proper language, English or Malay - never a 'bastardised' English or a 'rojak' Malay. Secondly, a blogger must have the courtesy of acknowledging a visitor’s comment. I do not write in Malay because my Malay is substandard – ancient Zaaba’s tastabahasa and spelling.

Here, in your first posting you spelt out why you wanted to blog and the subjects you intended to cover. I hope you do not mind my leaving my first remark here. I may leave comments as I go along your past postings. Good blogs do not age in contents. They are footsteps in time. Thank you and my apology for this unnecessarily lengthy start.

D said...

Assalamualaikum Al Manar,

Thank you for dropping by and that delightful and interesting comment. Reading a comment from a post written in my earlier blogging days was quite strange, I must say. Just for the records, I have come across your name and dropped by your blog several times in the past.

Contrary to my recent intention to continue writing, I am yet unable to keep my word and share my reflections with the public. Do hang around and insyaAllah I'll be back..